Physical Attributes of the Star Kids

Every Star Kid can tell you something physical about herself or himself which other people sometimes comment on, or which the Star Kid personally notices is different. Now, there is no standard set of physical characteristics that each and every Star Kid has. There is great variation, in fact. Some Star Kids seem to have only one or two or three distinctive physical characteristics. Others have quite a number of them.

Why is there such variation in the number and kind of Star Kid physical qualities?


I do not have a complete answer to that question. Because some Star Kids are aware of partial heritage from one of the races of the Pleiades system, or the Zeta Reticuli system, while others have heritage from other races, such as the “Praying Mantis”, Reptoid, or light beings groups, etc., it is tempting to ascribe some physical differences to the extraterrestrial portion of those Star Kids’ genes.


But until more information is available, suffice to say that there are differences.

Allow me to inject here a personal anecdote along these lines. I can tell you the first time I noticed that there was something different about myself. This was at age 14 when I went to buy my first hat. (Note: I was a Southern California boy who had grown up in a climate of sunshine almost 365 days a year. In those days (the 1950s) nobody worried about solar damage to the eyes or skin. So, I had no need for a hat as a child, and only bought one to be cool as a teenager.) I looked and looked in store after store and could not find one in my head size. Finally, I asked the manager of one store why they didn’t stock hats in size 7-3/4. The manager replied, “They don’t make them that big. Sorry.” This was 1953.

Even today this is not a common hat size, but manufacturers have taken to making caps with an adjustable strap in the back which can be expanded to fit the larger head sizes that many Star Kids and adult Star Seeds come in these days. Not that the manufacturer is aware about Star Kids; just that “kids are getting bigger.”

If you’ll permit yet another anecdote: when I was born, my mother complained that I “almost killed her.” What she was somewhat over-dramatically referring to was my very large head size and overall size (9 lbs, 1-1/2 oz. at birth). In those days I was considered a very large baby. Over the ensuing six decades, as more Star Kids have come in, the many larger Star Kids have driven up the overall averages for infant body dimensions. Scientists have tried to explain these dimensional gains as due to “the better nutrition in the modern American diet.”


They do not take note that the modern child’s food intake in this era of fast food restaurants and junk food snacks is nutritionally worse than the more wholesome and less-refined diet of several decades earlier. These scientists are grasping at straws, because the scientific doctrine of evolution does not allow for such striking changes in the average overall makeup of an organism (in this case, human children) in such a short period of time.

But there are more striking things about many Star Kids than size at birth. Indeed, others and I have noted in certain Star Kids the kind of exaggeratedly-large (to us) eyes/eye sockets that incline one to the view that such Star Kids may be exhibiting some signs of partial genetic linkage to the Zeta Reticuli Visitors, who certainly do have rather very large eyes. Or certain Star Kids seem to have the wispy and light-colored hair and disproportionately-large craniums that some experiencers have seen aboard star ships in those Zeta-hybrid children who grow up aboard ship, and who are the product of gene-splicing incorporating a minority of partial selected human genes, followed by in-vitro fertilization.

And other Star Kids have a kind of Scandinavian-like, striking, ethereal great beauty or handsomeness which brings to mind the thought that they may be reflecting partial lineage with those “Nordic” Star Visitors from the Pleiades or Altair star systems.

In other cases some of the variability seems to be due to the different kinds of Star Visitor consciousnesses/persons who have chosen to incarnate in human bodies for this lifetime. More than a few Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) have described the difficulty of trying to express their fine-tuned, exquisite, star-born consciousness and nervous system in the comparatively-dense physical human body they find themselves in.

Some of us behavioral scientists and therapists working with experiencers and Star Kids have reached the tentative conclusion that the reason why a number of Star Kids get mis-diagnosed in school with “Attention-Deficit Disorder” (ADD) or “Hyperactivity Disorder” (HD) labels is precisely because these Star Kids’ very fine-tuned consciousnesses and energy fields are processing at “too high” a rate to be considered normal (among ordinary humans), who often tend to perceive these kids as “flitting from one thing to another” or as being “in constant motion”.

Let us in all fairness try to see this problem from a Star Visitor perspective.

If these Star Kids were to slow down to what is considered “normal” among ordinary humans, they would have to pretend to be taking a long time to comprehend what the other children in class are struggling with, (which means that they would be operating in a manner which would be considered developmentally-disabled in a star culture. And, with all the energy pouring through his or her system, if the Star Kid tried to slow down motorically to meet the behavioral pace expectations of his/her regular-human teacher or parent, it would be fake, and it would seem like pretending to walk underwater. Besides, the pent-up, unexpressed energy would back up inside the Star Kid and drive him frantic.

As more and more Star Kids come in, society seems to be taking one of two reactions. The Progressives are deciding that the norms of what is considered “normal” and “average” need to be changed to better fit today’s children. The Stand-Patters bemoan how there is an “epidemic” of ADD and HD children these days. The Stand-Patters practically want to place Ritalin vending machines in the halls of every elementary and junior high school. Oy, veh! As the Southern prison warden in the classic movie, Cool Hand Luke drawled, “What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

It is my hope that this book will be a contribution towards increased understanding of Star Kids, which will lead to better communication: between parents and Star Kids, between teachers and parents of Star Kids, and between pediatricians and child psychologists and the Star Kids and their families.

Before we leave the topic of neurological differences between Star Kids and ordinary humans, allow me to tell one more personal anecdote. Over the past decade I have noticed in my body increasing amounts of “surplus” biological energy. This energy particularly has seemed noticeable in the large muscles, especially the legs. This has been most noticeable in the evenings, when I find myself unready to go to bed at what “normal” people consider bedtime. The later in the day it goes, the more the “surplus” energy builds up, manifesting in body restlessness, particularly in the legs. This restlessness is only partially alleviated by pacing or moving about.

This phenomenon is not mine alone, of course. It has come to the attention of the medical industry, which has recently taken note of this strange new “malady” and assigned it the label of “Restless Legs Syndrome”, (RLS), or its variant, “Periodic Limb Movements in Sleep”, (PLMS). Needless to say, the doctors found a pill for it, in fact several pills, to treat this strange malady which seems to be becoming more common in the adult population. (Just as Hyperactivity Disorder” seems to be becoming more prevalent in the juvenile population.)


The doctors have appropriated drugs which were designed to treat epilepsy, and prescribe them for their patients with this problem of too much energy. What these medications do is interfere with nerve cell function, so that the patient does not feel restless. Another class of medications the doctors alternatively utilize are narcotics, to “snow” the patient into a chemical calm.


While these pills may temporarily quench the sensation of excessive bodily energy, they do not address the issue of where this overabundance of somatic energy comes from; and, needless to say, these pills do not cure, only subdue Restless Legs Syndrome, which is a non-illness as far as Star Kids are concerned.

I was challenged with this excessive energy problem for a number of years, until I had the good fortune to have a Star Seed woman sent to me by her Star Visitor guides to provide me with a consultation to address this problem. The woman turned out to be a person who had lived in the Pleiades in a previous incarnation.

This Star Seed woman helped me to understand that as I was continuing to open up to my Star Seed heritage, more and more energy was flowing through me. In order to make this high abundance of energy more manageable, she suggested that I “ground” the excessive energy until such time as my life circumstances arrived at a point where I would be putting all that energy to productive full use.

Her suggestion prompted me to recall a grounding technique which my friend, Dakota (Sioux) spiritual elder Golden Eagle [Standing Elk] had demonstrated several years ago, during a Calling-In of The Star Elders ceremony. One of the participants did not follow directions about not sitting in the North Door, and positioned himself in the North Door (pathway) of the Medicine Wheel circle we all sat in.


The North Door is where the Star Beings come into the circle. I saw one of the Star Beings, manifested as a large spark of bluish-white light, float into the circle through the North Door during the ceremony.


The foolish young man adjusted his position and sat right in the middle of the North Door entranceway. When time came for the Star Being to exit our circle, he floated right out the North Door and right through the foolish young man. This fellow rapidly began shaking and thrashing around, with the most severe case of excessive bodily energy I have seen. In fact it looked like a full-blown Petit Mal seizure.

The Elders who had directed the ceremony noticed this foolish man’s distress and directed several of us to escort him out into the front yard. There stood a large and very solid mature tree. Golden Eagle told the young man to stand against the tree and put his arms around it and send all his excess energy into the tree and down into Mother Earth, where it would be harmlessly recycled. He did so, and after a couple of shaky minutes visibly calmed down and stopped shaking. Another minute of this and this sober, calm man was back to normal, wiser and less foolhardy than before his uncalled-for stunt.

So, I, too, tried out this grounding technique the next night after my consultation, as a particularly strong wave of overabundant energy accumulated in me. I walked out into the nighttime dark an up to a large, old tree in my front yard, hugged it while standing with the bare soles of my feet against Mother Earth. I focused and sent all the excess energy into the tree and directed it downward through the trunk and roots and into the earth.


The results were amazing. Almost at once, and certainly in less than a minute, I could feel the excess energy draining away from my body and into the tree. I determined that I needed to turn off the draining process at a certain point, so as to leave enough bodily energy to allow me to operate at a robust normal level.

The next night I noticed there was much less accumulation of excessive bodily energy. What excess there was I dealt with again by going out front and grounding it into the tree. My “Restless Legs Syndrome” was cured. I no longer needed powerful neurological medication. I had a natural and respectful way to manage energy accumulation, while awaiting the time when I would need to harness it all for special projects up ahead. Meanwhile, I found that I could adjust the energy drain to a level that assured I had plenty of abundant energy for my daily tasks, (which include writing many chapters of this book after “normal” people are in bed.

The abundant energy which I and other Star Kids and adult Star Seeds experience is not really excessive or pathological. This abundant energy is intended for Star Kids/Seeds to have available to us when we need to do something special or important that requires above-normal energy output. As we get into Fifth World society, this energy will not seem surplus. The challenge at the present is to learn to manage this seemingly-surplus energy. And there are natural ways, respectful ways to do so, an example of which was outlined above.

Now, let’s look at some other physical qualities of some Star Kids.

Many, if not most, have greater physical development in the frontal and parietal (cranium roof) areas of the skull, (the area from above the eyes up and over the top of the head to the back.) Presumably this makes room for proportionately larger development of the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. These are areas of the brain which support intelligence, higher consciousness and psychic abilities.


Many Star Kids are as “hyper”-developed in this area of their brain case as some prehistoric proto-hominids were deficient in this area. Those protohominids actually a recessed (concave) area in their frontal skull area in contrast to the flat or outward-curved (convex) skull shape of modern humans.

And many experiencers have noted that so many of the star races have proportionately larger heads in relation to their body than do humans. It seems to be a truism of cosmic physiology that it takes a somewhat larger cranium size to support the increased brain size and greater intricate brain structure which are the physical support for greater intelligence.


It therefore should come as no surprise that many of the Star Kids, who share extraterrestrial genes along with their human ones, should have somewhat larger heads in general.

“The eyes are the windows of the soul,” the old saying goes.

What then are we to expect of Star Kids’ eyes? Many people I have talked to have commented on Star Kids’s eyes.

“When he looks at you, it’s like he’s reading you inside.”

“Her eyes are so gentle, like an angel’s.”

“His gaze seems so grown-up for his age.”

More than a few people have commented on how these children look at you with an adult-like knowing stare. This can be so disconcerting to some people, who wonder how to treat such a kid: as an adult? As a child? Or what? The answer is that Star Kids are children, just wise beyond their years.

Another characteristic which is pretty commonly shared among Star Kids is a lower-than average body temperature. While the standard household oral thermometer has a “normal”mark on its scale at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius), the temperatures of very many Star Kids can read lower by one, two, or more degrees Fahrenheit.


Thus, it is important for a parent to take their Star Kid’s temperature several times over several weeks to find out what their particular child’s actual normal temperature is. It is not uncommon for a Star Kid to have a normal temperature that is a degree or two below the old household standard of 98.6 F. If, for example, a Star Kid has a normal temperature of 96.8, and their reading on the fever thermometer is 98.6 F, the child may actually be running a slight fever even though the household thermometer says that their temperature is “normal”.

Also, it is useful to be aware that some Star Kids (and adult Star Seeds) might start out life with a standard body temperature, and then their body temperature drops later as their Star Seed development takes hold over time.

A personal anecdote here is timely. As a child I registered 98.6 F on the household thermometer like the good Boy Scout I was. But in more recent years, my standard body temperature is more like 96.8 F. I have been told by a physiologist that a somewhat lower body temperature is a good thing: it suggests a lower basal metabolic rate – meaning your body is not burning up as fast. And this means that you will last longer.

Which may lead to another difference that is noted in many Star kids as they grow into older Star Seed adults – they age more slowly. Many Star Seeds in their late middle-age and senior years look younger than many of their age peers. And, besides a less aged appearance, many of these grown-up Star kids exhibit more stamina, more endurance, and more vitality in their senior years. They have a body energy level which, even when they are not in motion, people expect to find in someone much younger than the Star Seed senior. Which may help explain why many Star Seeds are guessed to be considerably younger than their chronological age, sometimes by 20 or more years!

This gentle aging is the paradoxical flip-side of what happens when the Star Kid is young. Young Star Kids typically develop much faster than what has been considered standard childhood norms. In fact, the old norms are having to be thrown out.

I am friendly with Dr. Roger Leir, DPM, a Southern California podiatrist who has made a study of developmental differences in children over the past half-century. I will not go into detail about Dr. Leir’s findings, because he regularly makes public presentations on his findings, and they are his to share. But suffice to say that most of the standard developmental milestones which are used by pediatricians to determine whether a baby is developing normally have changed dramatically over the past half-century. The age by which a child first holds up his head, first sits up unaided, takes her first step, says his first word, talks in whole sentences – these and many other developmental milestones have advanced substantially over the past 50 years, sometimes by a half-year earlier, or an entire year earlier, or more!

Dr. Leir used as his comparison developmental norms published in standard medical reference books 50 years ago, and then compared milestones to those found in modern medical texts. The dramatic differences, Dr. Leir sagely notes, cannot be ascribed to evolutionary gains. Standard evolutionary theory posits that major changes in an organism take millennia to evolve and then stabilize as the new norm through natural selection.


That such major human child developmental milestones should shift dramatically in the human race in the brief span of 50 years, an eye-blink in the evolutionary time cycle, cannot be accounted for by evolution. So, what, then, has caused this dramatic shift? Good question, Dr. Leir. It should provide some amusing moments to hear conventional scientists try to account for this lightning-fast shift, evolutionarily speaking.

The changes that the onset of the Star Kids have occasioned are not limited to the hat manufacturing industry having to come to terms with kids who wear size 7-3/4 or larger. There is also the shoe industry.


According to the American Footwear Retailers Association, in the last five years the Americans’ average shoe size has grown from 9-1/2 to 10-1/2 for men, and from 8 to 9 for women.

“The increase has been steady in the last 50 years,” said the Association’s spokesperson Millie Zapata, “but in the last five years it has been nothing short of meteoric”

(Polovetsky, T., 2004).

When I was a young teen, fifty years ago, my size 10 shoe was considered a large size. Now, it’s nothing for young men to wear size 11, 12, 14, or larger!

Then there is the matter of physical height. Nowadays it is not uncommon to see high school and college students who are 6’6″ or 7 feet or taller. These are not the rare genetic abnormality of yore, which tended to predestine the young person to a career as a basketball player. These tall youngsters are pointing towards a new standard of what is normal height.

In a story datelined Kansas City, Missouri, Knight-Ridder News Service quoted some teachers’ observations.

“We’ve talked about it,” said Bette Johnson, principal of Hillcrest Elementary School in Belton, Mo. “It seems each generation is a bit bigger than the last.”


At Lone Jack Elementary, there’s a sixth-grade boy who is 5-foot-9. At Line Creek Elementary in Kansas City North, Mo., there are fifth-graders approaching 6 feet. Line Creek gym teacher Donna Curran, 49, said that when she was 14, she was 6 feet tall and the biggest girl in her basketball conference. Today, she said, “it’s nothing” to have 6-foot freshman girls.” [“Sizing Up Kids Nothing More Than Tall Tale”, Adler, 2001).

I can relate to Ms. Curran. I was 6’2″ in seventh grade, easily towering over every other kid in my class (in 1951). Adult strangers in the store addressed me as “Sir”, assuming I must be an adult if I’m that tall.

“Size matters,” they say. Perhaps so, but what’s inside is also very important. Other very common characteristics of Star Kids are a more robust immune system and general good body self-repair capability. After necessary exposure to the usual childhood illnesses, in order for the body to build immunity to them, many Star Kids go on to be much healthier than regular human children, not getting colds and flu as often as other children do.


These Star Kids seem to avoid coming down with the viruses that are going around the school in middle grades and junior high. Or if they do catch something, they have a mild case, or shake off the virus very rapidly. And when these kids get scrapes and cuts, these heal much faster than “normal”, and very often do not leave scars.

Today’s young children, the majority of whom are of Star Kid stock, also mature sexually more than their forbearers. In the United States, the average for the onset of menstruation is 12 13 years (12.1 for blacks; 12.8 for whites) as opposed to an average age of 14 years back in 1900.


American girls reach puberty earlier than commonly believed, with nearly half of Afro-American girls and 15% of white ones beginning to develop sexually by age 8, a study at UNC Chapel Hill indicates.

“The study, reported in the journal Pediatrics, involved 17,000 girls age 3 through 12. By age 8, 48.3% of the Afro-American girls and 14.7% of the white girls had begun developing breasts, pubic hair or both, while menstruation occurred at 12.16 years and 12.88 years, respectively”

(Coleman, B.C., 1997).

And then there is a subset of Star Kids whose stories run a different course.

There are Star Kids whose hair is slow to grow. They may be bald after birth, or have thin, wispy hair, which remains that way through much of childhood. These children often have a thin-framed angular look which to the trained eye suggests their unconventional heritage.

These children remind me of accounts I have heard from experiencers about hybrid children they saw aboard space ships. These hybrid children are mostly Star Visitor genetically, but also have some human genes. These hybrids often have large heads and very large eyes, with thin, wispy, sometimes patchy platinum-colored hair, very thin builds and thin extremities.


These are the offspring of the Zeta Reticulans, and have been genetically engineered to include a few human genes deemed desirable to graft in. The Zetas have indicated to some experiencers that they are trying to re-engineer back into their genome the physical reproductive fertility, and a limited amount of the emotional range, which are abundantly present in the human race. This genetic upgrading is one of the reasons the Zeta Reticulans have been among the more frequent visitors to Earth.

And so, in a kind of quid pro quo, the Zetas have also engaged in genetic upgrading of the reproductive material of many of the millions of humans they have visited and briefly taken aboard their craft. The result of this Zeta gene-splicing has been that the experiencers of these contacts have gone on to become parents of Star Kids. A wonderful exchange for a surplus ovum or sperm which the parent would never miss anyway among so many.

The Zetas, like other Star Visitors, are also here of course primarily to warn humankind about the dangerous historical crossroads humans are at at this particular time, and the critical decisions we must make, and rapidly, about reversing environmental degradation, ceasing wars, treating each other as family, sharing resources equitably, and ending the rule of greed and overreaching power in human political affairs. The various Visitor races both admonish and encourage us to make the right choices to advance our human race towards readiness to be fit stewards of Earth, and then to assume our new role as active participatory cosmic citizens.

An important part of the Star Kid’s body, and everyone’s body, is their electromagnetic field. The body has been compared to a wet battery, and certainly does generate electricity, although in small microvoltages typically. Further, it transmits electricity within a cell and from cell to cell. The nerve pulses which our body uses to think, move, and maintain heartbeat, breathing and other functions are transmitted by a combination of electrical signals and chemical messengers.

Additionally, recent research has revealed that individual cells use minute bits of light to communicate within the cell (Richardson, 2003). So pervasive is the role of the electromagnetic field in the body that one medical researcher, Robert O. Becker, MD was prompted to write the medical classic, The Body Electric (1985).

It is timely here to discuss the body’s electromagnetic-photic field and differences in that field between Star Kids and ordinary humans.

Bio-electromagnetic-photic Fields, Dowsing, and Regular Humans Versus Star Kids and Star Seeds

As a person who likes to discover things, I’d like to share my latest discoveries with you. I have been using dowsing rods as a simple mechanism to detect and measure the “Bioelectromagnetic-photic” field around people.

• “Bio” because the field is generated by a living organism, in this case, humans.

• “Electric” because humans utilize electricity (among other processes) to operate their bodies and brains, and because electromagnetic (EM) fields on Earth always have electricity and magnetism associated with each other.

• “Magnetic” because of the EM association just mentioned, and because the field seems to generate a counter-magnetic force, pushing the rods at right angles to their previous position.

• “Photic” because the field seems to have some properties of light, e.g., the field “bounces” off mirrors, and also some people can see this field as visible.

When two dowsing rods are aimed toward the human under study, and held horizontal and parallel to each other, about 2-3 inches apart, as they encounter the outer edge of a person’s bio-electromagnetic-photic field, they splay outward to perpendicular in opposing directions (usually), forming a line perpendicular to the line between the dowser and the person being dowsed. This line appears effectively to measure the boundary of a person’s bio-electromagneticphotic field. In my experience, average “normal” humans have a bio-electromagnetic-photic field out to about 12-18 inches out from their body in all directions.

But, Star Kids and Star Seeds have much wider fields, anywhere from 3 feet to the current record in my book (a woman in Arizona) of almost 40 feet! But wait, it gets more interesting.

I have also experimentally determined that a photograph of a person also has a bioelectromagnetic-photic field, smaller than, but proportional to, their field if they were standing there in person. I determined this by dowsing photos of people I knew were Star Seeds and people I knew were not, and noting the proportionate relationships in the fields their photographic images emitted.

This part is not exactly news. Shamans and psychic practitioners know that photographs carry something of the essence/presence of the person represented. Understanding this helps one appreciate why Native Americans use to resent being photographed by the European settlers, because the Native Americans felt that the white men were trying to bottle up their soul in the camera/photograph, (for who knows what purpose.)

I made a further discovery.


When I dowsed photographs of a couple of individuals I suspect are deeply involved in the UFO Cover-Up Cabal, including a “retired” Colonel “formerly” of the Army Intelligence and Security Command’s psychic weapons studies unit, with a doctorate in Death Science, and his friend, a fellow Army Intelligence Lt. Colonel who has been arrested and charged as a serial child pedophile ringleader, and Head of the Satanic Temple of Set, I noted that the dowsing rods crossed over on top of one another in a “cross-eyed” fashion, when confronting the Colonels’ energy fields, i.e., went the other direction than they do for normal humans and Star folk. This I took to mean that those operating on the dark side cast a diametrically opposite kind of energy than those trying to operate in the light.

Further, I dowsed a photograph of a famous UFO information advocate, whose name would be instantly recognizable to any ufologist, and the rods went cross-eyed in his field as well. I am not going to identify him here, but it raised further questions about who we have on “our” side in this struggle with the forces behind the UFO Cover-Up.

Back to the light side.

I find this dowsing tool to be good “trainer wheels” in developing psychic sensitivity. Of course, persons who practice and develop their psychic sensing/empathy/intuition are able to discern who is who without the use of dowsing rods. I like to say that Star Kids and Star Seeds can sense a fellow Star person across a crowded room. And I encourage all to develop their inner sensitivities, and feel free to dispense with tools as they gain confidence in their native abilities.

As one practices, then the need for dowsing rods is no more. But as a handy way to tell who you are dealing with, or if you’re feeling psychically lazy, or have a headache and aren’t able to concentrate inwardly, then the dowsing rods are a quick way to tell a bit about a person.

In my understanding, all knowledge and events are present (contained) in the higher consciousness field, which some might label the “mind of God”, or the Akashic Record, or what Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called the “collective unconscious”.

We, as sparks of that consciousness, have access to that higher consciousness field, which both permeates the entire cosmos and our mental fields as well. Some are gifted with ready direct contact with that consciousness field. Others find the use of mediating tools to be helpful in accessing the higher consciousness field. Some such tools are dowsing rods, and the use of the pendulum, among other ways.

Yet the person using the dowsing rods or the pendulum is him/herself a conscious being, and has to be a wise steward in utilizing these tools in a way that is conducive to a correct “reading” of the information available in the higher consciousness field.


The person exercises responsibility:

1) in choosing to use the tool

2) in setting an intention to acquire information

3) in setting an intention about how to use the information

4) in creating his/her interpretation of what the information acquired means

5) in operating in an ethical way with the information-gathering

6) in responsibleness about using the information that has been acquired

Accessing the higher consciousness field is also, in my understanding, how remote viewing works.

And what does all of this have to do with UFOs, Star Kids, close-encounter experiencers, and the societal changes resulting from close encounters? The Star Visitors, in their contacts with humans, often utilize information gathered from the higher consciousness field to do such things as show an experiencer their personal future, or a scene from society’s near future. And in encounters, the Star Visitors frequently effect upgrades in the experiencer’s consciousness, so that following a contact, the experiencer finds him/herself with psychic, or more intensified psychic, abilities.

And the Visitors frequently thereafter choose to visit the experiencer on the “astral plane”, that is to say, via an out-of-body travel experience, (one of the psychic abilities often enhanced as a result of contact.)

By their example the Star Visitors encourage us to reach to our own highest and best unfolding as sentient conscious cosmic beings, what the Chief Counsel for the Smithsonian Institute called Homo Alterios Spatialis (Robinson, 1996). And as we practice integrating access to higher consciousness information into our regular daily lives, we progress in development towards our highest and best potential.

And, I should also mention that each person I have studied so far has a vortex at the center of their bio-electromagnetic-photic field. The vortex is at the center of the person, i.e., along a vertical line defined roughly by their spinal column and the vertical line-up of the seven chakras. To access this vortex and demonstrate its presence, all one has to do is take just one dowsing rod and hold it above the portion of one’s head directly above the spinal column.


The dowsing rod will rotate by itself, due to the swirl of energies at the vortex. In some people the rod (vortex) will rotate clockwise. In other people the rod (vortex) rotates counter-clockwise. The difference appears to be due to gender of the subject, although further studies are needed to confirm this provisional generalization.

So, while some people dash off to Sedona, Arizona to access the mysterious powers at one or other of the vortexes there, we would do well to contemplate that each one of us carries our own personal portable vortex. I offer these above explorations for your consideration and discernment.

A Postscript


Since dowsing is not familiar to all, let me suggest how to make yourself an inexpensive pair of dowsing rods. You will need one wire coat hanger, a pair of pliers and a plastic drinking straw.

First, use the pliers or your hands to untwist the coat hanger ends from around the neck of the hanger. Once the hanger is apart, use the pliers to cut the coat hanger in half, or bend the hanger back and forth rapidly at midpoint until metal fatigue (molecular friction heating) causes the hanger to part into two pieces. Grasp one piece and use the long straight portion as your pointer. Use the pliers to bend the shorter part into a right angle. This will be your handle.

Straighten out the bends in that portion of the hanger until it is straight, (You may want to cut/twist off the neck part.) Do the same procure to the other hanger half you broke away earlier.

Cut the drinking straw in half, and insert each half up the hanger handle as a swiveling sleeve. These are your free-pivoting handles, which will allow the rods to turn quite freely.

Hold the rods by the plastic-straw handles, so that the long pointer arms are horizontal and parallel about one-to-two inches from each other, and pointed at the target. On people, I suggest that the target zone be the person’s sternum or solar plexus.

You are now ready to do some dowsing. And Star Kids, don’t forget to have some fun!

Summary: Some Physical Attributes of Star Kids

• larger head, especially in the area between the eyes and the posterior top of the head (the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain), resulting in greater physical structures (prefrontal cortex volume) to support greater intelligence, higher consciousness, ESP, special awareness and more integrated personality.

• eyes (have a special intensity)

• lower metabolic rate, as indicated by lower basal temperature; e.g., instead of a temperature of 98.6 degrees Farenheit, a Star Kid may have a temperature of 96.8.

• generates a much bigger bio-electromagnetic-photic field

• body’s ambient energy tends to put out street lights (especially, the amber sodum-vapor plasma kind)

• more robust immune system

• body self-repair: more rapid healing system, generation of fewer or no scars

• child early development in rapid gain of physical, cognitive and emotional competencies: (Roger Leir’s 50-year comparison of child development “milestone” norms

• earlier pubescence/sexual maturation

• adult-like functioning in childhood

• earlier onset of silver/gray hair, balding

• less harsh stigmata upon onset of senior years

• more endurance, stamina, vitality in senior years

• foot size increment

• hat size increment