Namaste 🙏🏻. Expansion of the heart/mind Reverberates through many avenues of Variances. Tempo resonates beautifully as OBE/Astral visitations opens temporal Wormholes of memories of loves learning Lessons Of heartfelt tears for the touch for Those whom sharing lingers as the salt of Weeping lovers part ways. Under the guise Of ‘…til we/qui meet again.’ The lovers lie for affection of kindness and divine acceptance towards forgiveness of telling That truth of ‘never forget Us’…

Shattered breaststroke of self denial. As Third density codependency blankets future acceptance. Banefully with open { I’s }…ignoring that similarity of humanities barbaric behavior and misaligned egotistical perspectives for love. In an upside down gravitational fledgling twin sun… Terra’s definition simplistic hold on the female/male alpha/Omega ideal of Wright/Rong… when the Hearts Eyes only can sea the friendship Lost. Companionship supersedes along The same lungs of ‘Eye love Ewe/you too much’ to strangle our evolvement Of expression. Together again for the first time, as Eons float through the memories of past lives lived, past hearts broken and mended over the Millennia Of observance…hoping ideally never to fall for love, while knowing that growing with love is best shared. The ‘making one happy’ is another illusion of egos expectation of a false narrative of the superior mind/heart.

It’s because of love Qui are here. Just as there happened to become the new here.

She/him, has lived many lives in many a variances Of Vibrations. Bodily memories on a cellular level will present the same { I’s } within new carbon epidermal complex’s frequencies of similitude aromatic heartstrings.

Patiently goddess/gods watch and forecast the arrival once again.

The love of anticipation is highlighted with The equinox’s rule.

Namaste 🙏🏻