God Morning Every O

ne, GodMorning Galactic neighbors, This is a wondrous epoch in the history ( not his-story ), of the soul of humanity, for Qui are the Victorious. The books of the futures past, shall be filled with the lessons of Humanity, notating, accepting and over coming our worst enemy…
The self, the Ego. The dogma of self service.
With this victory, to keep in mind, which ever in between struggles, as of yet unforeseen, to include self-control, and all the vagaries of mankind’s obvious inability to sea, past historical and unskillful efforts, regarding some of the worst lessons in humane disposition of Global recognition. And complacence while the evil of mankind’s’ lower functions of the reptile portion of the brain, ran amok. So blinded by ego,dogma and self service Qui were, even to the brink of self extermination.Being unable, for time, to move out of our own way.
Qui all must agree, that recognition of our Galactic family’s sincere concern for those on the side of life, have offered a hand up and out of the quicksand of lies. Sheaving off the tentacles of the false grip of of hate,and fear of each other. Pushing truth, so evidently obvious of our single connection to, well Eye state, everything in the known,and unknown Universe of the Golden Mean.
Qui, { yes, the French meaning for yes, synonym of } Us and all inclusive, members of The Confederation of Planets.

As time continues to expand, Our species can now claim with righteous indignation… Que are still here.
The battle has been arduous, the un-televised war with Victory of the Light coming to its perilous end… paved along the roads of purposeful misdirection, the hijacking of basic rights of free will, with all the horrors of corrupt leadership and worldly avaricious. Will, no doubt have given the Universe a lesson to share of How to do this.

! Excelsior !!!!!

Let the future books of life and intentions reflect the least records of effort in defense of Life. And every individual sacrifice for the greater quality and virtuous and charitable will to love.

Such imbued character traits are not imagined. Yet, rather struggled through each One of us since outside entities where recognized as the culprits of theft by deception. There is much to complete, much still to overcome.
Even so, Qui have begun to empathize with the rest of humanity, with proof of results.
Remain in Love with our Home World. Gaias’ survival, which includes every last life form held dear in Her embrace. Will always be our main job description which requires full compliance of the request. As compliance is not a requisition of compliance. Qui are what Qui do. Stay focused and remain in Higher Vibrations. You overstand the needed ingredients for the success of US.
Be Excellent, always… every thing Que do and say and intend becomes a record written with spiritual vibration and frequencies only heard and observed by The Source.

Let the Record state Qui are One Family and share One Love of the Warriors of the Light, Warriors of Life.

Namaste. 🙏⚛️♈️