Namaste. 01/14/2018 09:11 AM
Currently learning about food allergies and objectively,deducing the connection to various companies involved with agriculture manufacturing. The impact involved, in light of current connective NWO agenda’s are quite obviously inter-connected. The Nue Human’s,Indigo’s Starseeds and Rainbow children. Who by the way are also purposefully misdiagnosed with a variety of concocted reactive descriptive responses to man-made allergens. Possibly to use within the global plan of eliminating the population by more than half. The sensitivity to a variety of false/fake potential poisons,introduced into humanities food chain. Monsanto, ( )
Various questions and associative corporations invariably connected within the web of recent arrests.
This information is being notated for your curtain pull into the depths the lower vibrational thinker have gone. The rabbit hole is such a deep hole, that those who are not Awake, ( YET ) will find this information hard to swallow { pun intended }. Vibrationally, Gaia’s current Ascension is literally shaking the dirt off her back. The parasites are being scratched off the skin of Truth. So, in this periodical thought Eye know the inquisitive mind of the Awakened will follow up with more research in order to remained aware, at least in a situational frame of thinking.
Discernment Required.
Namaste. }{
Be Excellent