Cell Source

Namaste 🙏🏻. Goddesses, Godlings. Focusing on positive objectivity, Sources electromagnetic energy waves while observationally aware of the upheaval of purging lower vibrational frequencies in those who obtusely and unknowingly avoid the higher frequencies of consciousness, love. Namaste 🙏🏻. “Humanity is experiencing the next level of vibrational change with a Master vibration, which all other vibrations […]

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The Sentient heart

Namaste 🙏🏻. Meditatively initiating benevolent interaction With the multidimensional Eye Am, generates awareness above Our limited plane of observations. Have no illusion{s} Of any sort, the focus,intentionally is no compulsion of anything for anyone other than Source Creator Of Magnetic Service’s Love. Watching from above the self observation is visually observant of right/left hemispheric portions […]

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Solar Warden…

The following is a detailed summary of our tentative, current understanding of the core issues related to the presence of the visitors, and the possibleearth changes that may be ahead of us. By its very nature it is subject to change and revision at any time, as the Big Picture comes into focus and becomes clearer. It […]

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Secret Space Program

Memory Recall Protocols for Secret Space Program Assets & Experiencers This collaborative document between various SSP Assets and Experiencers outlines their methods and techniques for retrieving memory recalls having to do with SSP events that they have remembered seeing, experiencing, etc. as well as memory access to past lifetimes or other extraterrestrial events that may […]

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Navy Captain Mark Richards was an officer involved in the Dulce Battle as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he did not commit. 
This is a classic case of the government framing someone who they feel may be turning against them from within the military.


Feeling lost? Deja ‘Vue ?

Multiple Realities encompass, Parallel Realities Alternate Realities Multidimensional Realities Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities. On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions […]

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Respectfully Grateful

Respectfully Grateful, Namaste. }{. 02:12 PM 01/15/2018. Loving My Humanity is a similar emotional memory Each of Us carries, holds within our morphagenetic cellular heart. Since the agreement to return and Be of Service, every effort is/has been expended to misdirect Us. Angels,Starseeds, Indigo’s, Rainbow Warriors, the Titles and love vibrations are so vast and […]

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Third density perception: where did History Come From?

Namaste 🙏🏻. Originally, this image of having our children suffer this recurring knight mare of forced repertoire, never actually learning juxtaposed with Memorization techniques in order to move forward in an archaism of empty experiences of forcible acquiescence. Faked events, falsified sciences. All paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation For indoctrinated Manchurian Candidates. Eye began […]

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Eye Do Not Consent

Home Shop Contact  – Andrew’s Revocations – Artificial Intelligence and Sentians I in the ever present moment of now choose to form a multi layered spiritual court of equity for the expressed sovereign purpose of reconnecting me with soul chards who have been lost in time thru the acts of others disconnecting the social system […]

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The Great White Brotherhood in The Andes and Lake Titicaca – Extraterrestrial Guides

by Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens May 17, 2008 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii from ExopoliticsJournal Website     Editorial Note Luis Fernando’s conference presentation was spoken in Spanish, and was translated by Manuel Roberto. All attempts have been made to transcribe this presentation as accurately as possible. Transcribed by Gesan Lahman   Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens is considered […]

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Melanin Pigments in Human Pineal Gland Author(s): Koshy, S. & Vettivel, S. Vol. 50, No. 2 (2001-07 – 2001-12) Department of Anatomy, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India Abstract Masson-Fontana staining confirmed the presence of melanin pigments in the human adult pineal gland. In 1-10 years age group, the pigments were present within the pinealocytes. In […]

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Ewe Not Know Me Fooling Ewe?

EWE NOT KNOW ME FOOLING EWE? How the Washington Post Censors the News. A Letter to the Washington Post by Julian C. Holmes by Julian C. Holmes      _________________________________________________________________       April 25, 1992    Richard Harwood, Ombudsman    The Washington Post    1150 15th Street NW    Washington, DC 20071       Dear Mr. […]

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Fakedbook ::/:: MSM

by Alex Constantine June 2001 from Totse Website recovered through WayBackMachine Website       Who Controls the Media? Soulless corporations do, of course.   Corporations with grinning, double-breasted executives, interlocking directorates, labor squabbles and flying capital. • Dow • General Electric • Coca-Cola • Disney Newspapers should have mastheads that mirror the world: • […]

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Deep Black Lies

DeepBlackLies Bringing in-depth reporting of crime and corruption in high places ____________________________________________________________________ THE SPOILS OF WAR The Secret Story of WWII Japanese & Nazi Gold By David Guyatt copyright 2002 for The use of suspect gold to launder drug profits is well established.  One example of such laundering activities concerns a rogue airline that had […]

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Futures Past Lives

Eye visited my futures past and met my selves…talking with all of us fumbling over prepositions. Each of us soon came to merge within the one singularity of respecting the freedom of existences experiences. All unlearned those shackles of degradation… implanted memories of battles lost. Love’s shedding tears of weighted obligations which where only us. […]

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Tachyons: Faster Than Light {?}

[Physics FAQ] – [Copyright] Updated September 2015 by John Baez;Original by Scott I. Chase. Do tachyons exist? There was a young lady named Bright, Whose speed was far faster than light. She went out one day, In a relative way, And returned the previous night! — Reginald Buller It is a well known fact that nothing can […]

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Planet Terra.

  by  Len Kasten extracted from Atlantis Rising Number 65 from AtlantisRisingMagazine Website       Part I of the “Nazi/ET Connection” Was There an Intergalactic Dimension to World War II? “The last world war was not simply a war fought between the Allies and the Axis or Democracy and Despotism…. It was also the […]

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No never. My heart/Mind not consenting with pervasive themes of servility. Eye could have went higher with Elucidating facts, but … must have Organic coffee! The Hidden World of Obsequiousness have been Force-feeding our consciousness on a Collective level for years. Brow beating Our subliminally already pre-programmed minds Into acceptance of What our species must […]

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Terra Papers

Namaste 🙏🏻. This Ascension shift Is a constantly rolling toroidal dance Of awareness. Be in that Now Expression of gratefulness for being here in Terra’s embraceable hand hold. Merging vibrationally is confusing while invigorating, simultaneously. Dichotomistically, This is a journey well worth sharing With the selfishness of being of Service as a Lightworker/ Light-bearer. Galactic […]

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