Truth in Consciousness

by Stewart Swerdlow
from “Blue Blood True Blood”, former “As Ye Sow, So Shall Ye Reap”

from 2012Unlimited Website





A parallel universe exists which is referred to as the “Old Universe”. This universe exists on its own time line. The events that occurred in the Old Universe were very influential to the development of our universe. The civilization that existed in the Old Universe was called the Empire.


The Empire controlled almost the entire universe and was extremely evil. In order to complete the capture of the entire universe the scientists of that civilization created entities called Mind Eaters.


The Mind Eater was a geoplasmic energetic entity that attached itself to the physical brain and auric energies of the being it invaded, removing the being’s thought patterns and replacing it with new Empiric programming.

The scientists released these entities into unconquered worlds and also used them to program their own people. Imagine their shock when they realized that these entities could multiply themselves.


When a Mind Eater absorbed a certain amount of energy it split into two separate entities. Eventually the Mind Eaters became uncontrollable and started feeding on their own creators the Old Universe’s form of A.I.D.S. Over a period of centuries there was virtually no life left in the Old Universe except for the Mind Eaters.


The only escape from them was physical death. A small band of survivors within the emperor’s court, or inner circle, created technology that allowed the survivors. to physically transport to another universe, escaping both death and the Mind Eaters.


Unfortunately the band of survivors entered this universe during the time of the Lyraen civilization. This is the only way that DNA from another universe physically manifests in an alternate universe, otherwise, there is no physical link. Thus, our universe became contaminated.

Satan wished to create a model universe for his beliefs. He almost achieved that in the Old Universe, but divine plan thwarted his ambitions. His own Satanic creations are the means for his destruction.


Satan’s goal was to totally control all physical universes and lock them off from salvation. Because he almost controlled the entire Old Universe through the negative Nine Aspects of the mind of god that he created, the importance of salvation in this universe and all others is evident. Satan still wants to control the minds of all beings so that the only link they have to the Mind of God is what he allows.

A group of beings descended (descended Angels, demons) who operated at the right hand of Satan and created a civilization within this universe using the DNA from the Old Universe.


They developed into the Draco (cold blooded, reptilian) whose purpose was to create a Left Brain influence and support structure for the contamination that entered this galaxy.

• At the center of the galaxy was the Lyraen civilization which was border line E.T./physical reality.

• Totally Right Brain, it was Christlike, etheric, and very noble.

• The Lyraens were the greatest culture ever known to this galaxy; their sphere of influence covered not only this galaxy but many around it for millions of years.

• Without physical bodies in their pure state, they had bodies made of light.

• Their first colony on Earth was the beginning of the original Atlantean civilization which was etheric/E.T. like.

• The dolphin and whale population (warm blooded, mammalian) was its first attempt at physical structure.

• Because the Lyraens had no point of comparison for negativity, they were easily deceived by the survivors of the Old Universe who were accepted as brothers in Christ.

• Eventually the Lyraens realized that their civilization was in jeopardy from the infiltrators from the Old Universe as well as from the Draco.

• They decided to create a balance in physical form between themselves and their opposites in hope of preventing conflict.

• This was the creation of the Amphibian race (hybrid of reptilian/mammalian) and was a gigantic galactic, inter galactic, and inter universal experiment.

• The Amphibian races were designed by OhaIu through the Sirians to be a bridge.

◦ Ohalu Council is an E.T./Angelic group that has the function of tabernacle (that which covers and protects) and acts as a bridge. Its purpose is to span the gap between physical reality and true reality. This book is one of their projects.

Because physical beings cannot mate with etheric beings and all of the Old Universe survivors were males, the survivors recreated themselves genetically through the process of cloning.


Now temptation existed for the lofty Lyraens to incarnate into physical bodies this was the beginning of their end.


Gradually more and more Lyraens descended into physical bodies to experience physical reality from a physical body instead of a light body. The mere idea of descension into physical reality is a temptation that causes an imprisonment through DNA and the need for salvation. In response, the E.T. group who performed the Ohalu function volunteered to descend a portion of itself to act as a bridge, or balance, for this incorrect pattern. This group became known as Sirius A.

As the Lyraen empire degenerated, factions developed as DNA was manipulated and altered to suit the various environments in which the light beings now lived.

• Physical bodies were designed to accommodate the atmospheres and conditions of the various planets that encompassed the Lyraen civilization.

• This Galactic civilization, once comprised of unified beings each identical to the other, was now confronted with differences in body type, resulting in separation of races.

• Now they had no choice but to follow the pattern of the 12 rays emanating from the Mind of God, thereby producing the 12 frequencies, or main Galactic root races.

• At the same time the negative side (Draconian race) developed into the reptilian and eventually insect species.

• The Draco empire also had colonies modeled along the Old Universe Empire.

• They colonized the Earth by driving the moon, which is actually an artificial vehicle, into orbit.

• Their first colony on Earth was known as Lemuria.

• Androgynous and extremely physical, these beings existed side by side with the etheric E.T. Atlantean civilization.

• The positive side of the same energy developed along human and mammalian species.

In accordance with the incorrect mind pattern of being special or supreme, many of the 12 races of this Lyraen civilization rebelled against the other, each seeking dominance.


This was the end of that civilization as it was known, leaving the 12 groups open for attack by a strongly unified Draco.

• Many horrendous battles ensued (Civil War) and lasted many centuries and in fact, still occur. In their effort to create balance, the Sirians gave technology to both sides to keep them equal.

• Thus began the loss of purpose for the Sirians as they were tempted into becoming merchants and peddlers of technology.

• Parts of the old Lyraen civilization were absorbed into the Draco empire.

• Among these were the star systems of Rigel, Zeta Reticuli 1, and Zeta Reticuli 2, which have since become known as the Orion Confederation.

Another group formed called the Pleaidian Council.

• The Pleaidians were refugees from the original Lyraen star system.

• The Pleaides is a group of 7 stars with 16 inhabited planets.

• The Pleaidian Council had the intention of recreating a physical version of the original Lyraen civilization modeled after the Old Empire from the Old Universe.

• One group of Pleaidians which was adverse to this followed their E.T. ancestors to Earth.

• They started what is known as the first physical Atlantean Empire or the second Atlantean cycle knows as the Atlans, the first cycle was an etheric/E.T. type colony comprised of the original Lyraen civilization.

All of this activity was duly noted by other groups within other galaxies.

Never before in this universe had such a division between Left and Right taken place. A congress, or council, convened in the Andromeda Galaxy (closest to Milky Way) on a planet called Hatona. Comprised of many civilizations and groups throughout the immediate area of the universe, this group decided that the solar system at the edge of the Milky Way would be an experimental area for the purpose of rebuilding the 12 rays which were now 12 root races. Many of these root races branched off into sub races. Earth was destined to be a focal point for the salvation of the soul.


Monitored from a Sirian outpost on Mars, different races representing the 12 root races, as well as those representing the negative side, would be brought to this one place to convert the negative side and release the positive side from DNA bondage. In addition to the introduction of genetic programming known as Kundalini which was created for the purpose of salvation, there was the introduction of an object known as the Crystal Skull.

There was also the introduction of a being, or model/prototype, called the Savior that would show the way back to true reality.

The head group within the council in Hatona known as the Krel monitored the physical situation in the Milky Way. One of the major civilizations in the Andromeda Galaxy, they were light beings who used physical bodies whenever necessary. There were several groups that opposed colonization on Earth; one group known as Marduk had its own agenda. They created an artificial world also known as Marduk filled with beings whose purpose was to traverse the galaxy upgrading what they considered to be low level or animalistic DNA or genetics, to create a new race.


The beings of Marduk known as the Abbenaki (Anunnaki) are not adverse to the use of slavery. Their vehicle was driven into our solar system with a force that destroyed the 5th planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter, explaining why there is an asteroid belt in that area. The Sirians rescued much of that civilization before the destruction bringing them to both Mars and Earth underground. Marduk continued on its way toward the Earth, flipping it on its axis thus causing the first cataclysm of Atlantis.

In order to remove the Atlans and Draco from Earth, the Nordics, who are in control of the Pleaidian Council, took advantage of the situation. Working with the Abbenaki, they created a slave race from primate genetics which developed into the black race. At the same time severe battles ensued between the allies of the Nordics and the Abbenaki against the Draco/Lemurians. When the Draco realized that they would be driven off the planet Earth, they prepared vast underground bases that were kept in suspended animation for future time.


They also created beings called the Deros, a cross between humanoid and Draco. Placed inside the Earth, they remain there to this day until the time of Revelation is complete. Many of the Draco/Lemurians fled to Venus. The Amphibians were attacked for being a balance between the two groups. They sealed much of their civilization in underwater chambers guarded by the dolphins and whales. The remainder of the Amphibians fled to Titan which is a moon of Neptune.

The Orion Confederation decided to create a race of beings out of humanoid genetics to monitor the occurrences on Earth for the Draco. Famous for abducting humans, they are the 4 foot and 3 foot “Greys” with the black wrap around eyes and are under the control of the Rigelians who work directly for the Draco Empire.


The Rigelians were once part of the Lyraen Civilization and were physically equal to the tall blonds or Nordics. During the Draco invasion of that sector (Civil War), their planet was so bombarded and contaminated by nuclear waste that they degenerated into a genetically and hormonally weak race which survives by using the life material of others. In the meantime, the survivors of the 5th planet developed into a civilization known as the Sumerians using Sirian aid. Simultaneously, the 3rd Atlantean empire developed and was quite evil.


Divided into 2 religions, one was called the Children of the Law of One, and the other the Sons of Belial. Belial was a Draconian god. Infiltrating this civilization were the influences of the Sirians, the Pleaidians, and the Orion Confederation, each vying for dominance. In response to this hostility, many of the inhabited interior galaxy worlds bonded together to form the Galactic Federation.

During the last two thousand years of the 3rd Atlantean civilization, horrendous genetic experiments were performed by the Atlanteans and aliens.


Slaves were necessary in the mind-pattern of these people since they relished technology and a life of leisure. Beings who were part human, part animal/insect were developed to perform various tasks. This was done because there was a certain impure strain in genetic material available. During the initial colonization on Earth when the light beings first appeared, many attempted to incarnate in animal bodies to experience Earth.


When they finally hardened into physical form with the influx of the Atlans, many retained animal features in addition to their humanoid form. The same occurred for the Lemurians whose genetics included dinosaur/reptilian DNA. When the 2 groups finally merged at the end of the Lemurian civilization, the reptilian brain became a central feature in the new human prototype.

Herein lies the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The role of Kundalini, represented by the curl of the coiled snake (reptilian), is necessary as a method to overcome the lower side of existence.

During this time period colonies were created on Earth from Arcturus, Antaries, Tau Ceti, Procyon, Sirius B, and several other races. It was also determined by the council on Hatona that it was Marduk’s responsibility to monitor the new race it had created. The problem was that Marduk was on a programmed orbit through the galaxy, only coming near the Earth once every 12,000 years.


During the periods when Marduk was not in the area, it monitored its creations through an alien race known as the Bear, who are under the direct control of the Abbenaki (Anunnaki). The last time that Marduk passed through the solar system the last portions of Atlantis sank beneath the sea.


The Atlanteans had so abused the magnetic field of the Earth and weakened the axis stability so dramatically that nothing could be done to prevent the Earth from flipping on its axis. Marduk is scheduled to return in 1998. The Earth shifting on its axis will raise Atlantis as a result of this. Symbolically, the sinking of Atlantis was the submergence of the Right Brain leaving the Left Brain unchecked.


The next axis shift will bring Atlantis above the surface and all the records will be revealed, including those beneath the Sphinx and in the Yucatan.

• When Atlantis sank for the last time its refugees fled to its various colonies around the Earth.

• Some fled to newly created land such as North America.

• The colony in Egypt (Khem) was guided by the beings of Sirius A.

• The colony in North Western Europe (Celts) was guided by the beings of Pleaides.

• The colony in North America (east coast Indians) was guided by the beings of Procyon.

• During the period that the Sirians influenced the Egyptian civilization, further genetic purification was needed.

• The Hebrew race was introduced by the Sirians as a further attempt to overcome the reptilian brain and balance the Left Brain and Right Brain.

• Symbolically, the Hebrew race is a Pineal Gland through which global Kundalini can rise by way of a Christ figure emerging.

• DNA is programmed to be released at various stages until this is accomplished.

The separation of the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt is symbolic of the separation of the Pineal Gland from the Left Brain.

• Egypt is representative of ego.

• The 12 tribes of Israel represent the 12 frequencies as they relate to Earth and their unification back to the source.

• People now live in what might be called the end of time, or the final stages of the 9th completion of the Book of Revelation programming.

• All frequencies are returning to claim their own and in the purification of their frequencies on Earth, they themselves will be purified, leading to the perfection of the illusion for each of the 12 rays and allowing for return to the Mind of God.

• The purpose of DNA will be fulfilled for some, but for others a time of tribulation and further imprisonment will be necessary.

• DNA, represented by chains, symbolically refers to Satan and his Angels imprisoned in the abyss of physical reality.

• Their DNA will be reprogrammed until their cycle is complete.

• The E.T. level of existence has several experiments and projects along these lines.

• The encoding of DNA is of paramount concern to them.

Over the course of history many humans have been removed to other places in the universe for development along different lines. Those humans who will be taken away during this cycle refer to this as the rapture.


Even within the solar system laboratories exist stored with genetic material to be used if and when necessary for further experiments.

• the Sirians have similar laboratories on Mars

• the Draco on Venus

• the Amphibians on Neptune and Triton

• the Pleaidians on the moons of Jupiter

• the Orion Confederation on the Moon

• some E.T. groups on the moons of Saturn

Many of the moons within this solar system are not natural objects but rather giant observation posts and laboratories. The Draco are already driving a ship into the solar system that will be used as a second moon. Some groups have the intention of stopping this craft by crashing the planet Jupiter into it. The resulting explosion and chemical reaction would turn Jupiter into a second sun, thus creating a binary star system.


If this occurs, the effect on the other planets will be devastating


Cell Source

Namaste 🙏🏻. Goddesses, Godlings. Focusing on positive objectivity, Sources electromagnetic energy waves while observationally aware of the upheaval of purging lower vibrational frequencies in those who obtusely and unknowingly avoid the higher frequencies of consciousness, love.

Namaste 🙏🏻.

“Humanity is experiencing the next level of vibrational change with a Master vibration, which all other vibrations resonate within. The changing phase and place between frequencies is on the same inter-plane.

The Christ vibration is the connection to Source, and it’s an encompassing plane with many mansions. One of the few code and key sounds of Source is “Om.”

This is one of the few ways to connect with Source’s vibration, who flows with love and bliss. Like everything else, it is constructed by light.

The Throne Beings who work in sync with the Elohim, the Angelics, the Councils, and the Guardians are situationally in The Source vibration that sits on the perimeter of the geometric vibrations. They are structured by light. When possessing a higher level of consciousness, the keys to the ascension worlds Allow the facet of Ewe/you that has ascended to create its own universe if it chooses to do so.

At this stage, light codes and sounds shine the flame of light from Source and pave the way for your/Ewer oversoul to divide Off. These light codes and sounds are multidimensional and are only available to those who are ready to access and handle what comes with them.

They are universal. Once you/Ewe are at a certain level of consciousness , ewe will become one with the Source vibration on a noticeable level. At this stage, your/Ewer God self will create ewer own universe, with its planes, realms, vibrations, and inter-planes, and will divide off from the geometric light blueprint, like a cell divides, and create ewer own universe. “

Shi-Ji Via Peter Maxwell Slattery

Book 2

Namaste 🙏🏻.

My Love intentions are to be of Service with discernment and Having a kind heart. Observing the turmoil of this war on consciousness , has indeed been addressed. Hopefully the Knowing conveyed here will continue to evolve the signature frequency of those who saw fit to share this information. Wanting what is needed for self Help and infuse the hearts mind towards loftier ideals of reflection on maintaining the beyond the imagination of service of and for others. Qui, we are in this together though each ascends individually. As acquiescence of these energetic Waves of toroidal electromagnetism, awakens our Computer complex into these higher planes of consciousness and compassion for others.

Having inadvertently convinced This vibrational signature to relive a cellular memory of cruelty and controlled destruction and focused violence of a World long since obliterated from the minds of others, is what beckoned this signature to post these Empathetic vibrational frequencies of thought.

Do remain focused and excellent in service for others. And don’t Overlook the self as being a cell of Source, each cell is light and each light illuminates the void wherever the light of Source flows. Excellent is it’s own reward.

Namaste 🙏🏻.


The Sentient heart

Namaste 🙏🏻. Meditatively initiating benevolent interaction With the multidimensional Eye Am, generates awareness above Our limited plane of observations. Have no illusion{s} Of any sort, the focus,intentionally is no compulsion of anything for anyone other than Source Creator Of Magnetic Service’s Love. Watching from above the self observation is visually observant of right/left hemispheric portions of minds Heart. This works for Me as one whom has learned to Sea up from imagining in virtual realities Of the heart/mind in 360 degrees looking around this interior of the rainbow complex. Counting intuitively while filing Away the content of relinquishing All. Looking with the {I’s} of others. Of whom none can be privy of. Unaware of looking without intrusion on the Heart’s Mind.

from GalacticDiplomacy Website

Initiating Contact with benevolent extraterrestrial beings is for many a step in the positive direction of taking greater responsibility for your life¹s choices and actions.

You have removed yourself from the ranks of those who remain passive, those who wait instead of using enterprise to create the new reality, and you become a catalyst for the vision of empowered and harmonious interactions that hails the advent of an ‘Awakened Humanity’.

Here is held the enlightened idea that all consciousness, all beings, are connected back to our originating source via love and that the creator is within all the created. Nothing separates us but our own self-awareness and this need not be an isolationist state, but a world with open borders to the galaxy and beyond.

Initiating Contact also implies that you have or are ready to embrace a framework of reality in which we are not alone or isolated, nor are we the only evolved being with the capacity for abstract thought, a desire to improve ourselves and a spirit for adventure and goodwill that impels us outward to meet our neighbors.

Spiritual study (and now the study of string theory in quantum physics), as well as telepathic and physical contact with ET friends, provides us with the tools and capacity to conceptualize the idea of life existing – not only in our dimension at a specific frequency (or life wave) that we identify by our five senses – but that life can and does exist at other frequencies and dimensions. It is possible to create a bridge of communication to such civilizations and beings through the inner senses alone.

This is what the first phase of Initiating Contact is all about, expanding beyond the five senses to embrace and develop your extrasensory abilities and spiritual will power.

Physical contact is for many the ultimate goal. Such events are happening right now around the planet. Many humanoid and other types of respectful and highly developed beings are going to the greatest lengths to avoid distressing or frightening people as they reach out to those who are ready and those who sincerely hold a long term goal for such contact experience. Yet physical contact is NOT the final goal or one of the highest importance, this pedestal is held for our spiritual development alone as the highest achievement and the main reason why we are here in the first place.

Contact is only relevant if it in some way promotes a greater personal and transcendental understanding of your true eternal self. Contact is only desirable if it in some way can inspire you to live your life more fully and to hold firmer your own vision for the planet transformed into the world of your dreams. ET ships in the sky are a sign of the support and encouragement of other races.

Yet a sighting in and of itself is not what is important, it is what you allow this confirmation of the vaster universe to do for your own state of mind and heart.

General Tools and Practices for Preparing for Contact

Contact preparation is an ongoing discipline that relies upon your spiritual development and the studies which support such development.

In order to advance, you must be consistent, patient and put in the practice to achieve the desired results – just like in any activity that requires skills to be developed such as ballet, chess, playing a musical instrument etc.

MEDITATION: Meditation is the key to self-mastery, including the key to overcoming your deepest fears. A daily meditation practice is the first step to preparing and being prepared for contact at all levels. Meditation can take many forms, but basically it is a tool for silencing the mind and inner chatter so that you can learn to hear your own higher guidance.

It is from this place of inner silence that you also begin to develop your ability to receive and send telepathic communications. Once you learn to hear your own divine voice you develop discernment and wisdom, and eventually it becomes very difficult for anyone or any being to deceive or manipulate you.

BREATHWORK: In yoga there is a disciple know as Pranayama which is designed to specifically teach how to control and manipulate the breath for heightened consciousness, greater physical endurance and developing the central nervous system to accommodate higher energy frequencies. Learning to control the breath is important to both the telepathic and physical contact experience. For telepathic communications the breath can be used to help settle the mind and to expand that inner silence to better facilitate sending and receiving messages. In physical contact, deep and focused breathing can help one to overcome the natural fears which may arise and attempt to take control of an unique experience.

Practice breathing in slowly and deeply for a count a five, pause a moment, exhale slowly to a count of five, then pause again for a moment. Bring your full attention inside yourself to that place between breaths. (This place between breaths in which all air is exhaled is the state from which inner stillness can be found.) Hold that place of stillness a moment and then breath in again slowly and deeply to the five count. Each time you come back to the place of a full exhalation and the pause, focus on bringing the stillness into more and more of the breath cycle ­ expanding the momentary pause to include the breathing in until in reaches the full breath pause.

This breathing exercise should be done every day for ten minutes prior to your meditation practice. Expand the five count over time to a six count and then a seven count and beyond ­ but do not go beyond what feels comfortable. This exercise is meant to help you increase your deep, focused breath while staying completely relaxed and at peace. Any strain means you are attempting to move ahead too quickly.

Eventually a 15 or even 20+ count may be achieved.

DIET: Telepathic communications take you into an arena in which you will experience heightened frequencies in and around your body. This is not a problem for a healthy and fine tuned body, but in can create stress for those whose bodies are not adapted. In the physical contact experience, even more preparation is often needed to get the body to a state of its optimal frequency capacity. Fortunately, there are many dietary things we can do to optimize ourselves and our vibrations.

Foods & substances that lower your body¹s energy & vibration:

Refined Sugar, sweets and candies

(Fruit, especially organically grown, is an excellent alternative to candy & sweets.)

Soft drinks with sweeteners and corn syrup

(Do not drink beverages ice cold, this shocks the internal organs)




Red Meat

(Most of the Humanoid ETs who visit us tell us to work our way to a vegetarian diet. First eliminate red meat, then chicken and lastly fish. The vegetarian diet of mostly vegetables and fruit brings the body to optimum health and frequency.)

*Special Note on BELIEFS: If you believe that you cannot maintain health without meat, then you may create health problems for yourself if you cut out meat from your diet without first changing this belief structure. Our minds create our reality. What is suggested in these guidelines is information that many of our own spiritual masters and several ET groups have offered us as insights to optimize the body for more refined spiritual energies. But this cannot happen without the mind, body and belief systems brought into harmony. Thus it is your own responsibility to self-examine and determine what is appropriate for your current state of health and well being.

SELF CONTROL EXERCISES: An important part of any contact (or life) experience is feeling that you are prepared for whatever happens, and knowing that you are ultimately protected no matter what challenge presents itself. These exercises will help to establish this foundation and may be done once a week or more as possible.

They are suggested specifically by the very loving humanoid beings of Ganymede through their contactee Sixto Paz Cruz of Peru.

Go to an isolated place in nature with a friend at night. For one hour, part ways walking in different directions and spend the time alone in the silence and solitude ­ continue strolling or find a place to sit and contemplate. In the darkness of night find and experience that inner knowing that you are protected and looked after. This exercise can be used to calm the nerves and to more deeply connect with your own inner resources.

Eventually the silence will be welcome and in it you will experience a heightened sense of unity with all life.

Face your fears in meditation. Think of a thing that frightens you greatly in life and hold that thought in meditation. Follow the thought of that fear and allow it to lead you. Some people will see or experience in their mind¹s eye a story of an event that led to such a fear, and others will just feel helpless without much input.

As you confront that which makes you afraid, ask yourself why you feel helpless. Envision a new way of dealing with this threat and find a way in which you are not helpless at all. In facing your inner fears, you bring greater peace and ease to your life and fortify your own sense of what you are truly capable of achieving.

HOLDING THE VISION: Many of our ET friends tells us that no matter what the challenges, we must learn to hold our own vision of a better world and not let anything tear this from us. This is the hope for our future, our path out of war, hate, pollution, poverty, global warming and all our planetary ills.

It is our belief that we can make a difference, that we CAN create the world of our dreams, and doing work to support this inner vision.

Any and all work is important work as long as it feeds or cultivates the creation of this better world. We all have a role to play and many helpful ETs are here to support and encourage us to live to our full potential.

Telepathic Communications

Most ET races communicate through thought transference, also known as telepathy. Contrary to long standing myths, telepathy has nothing to do with trying to penetrate someone else’s brain in order to extract what they are thinking. Trying to intrude inside another persons head will reap little in terms of information and will probably give them a headache as well (from you pushing your energy into their space). This is poor psychic etiquette and ineffective.

Telepathy follows the same guidelines as meditation. It requires a person to quiet their minds and internal chatter and once inner silence is achieved, then the ‘real’ communications are heard. In meditation this is the access point to the voice of the higher self. When communicating telepathically, this same silent vastness is the gateway to all the frequencies imaginable and thus the internal transfer station for sending and receiving, for exchanging ideas and information with other beings.

As stated earlier the information of what another is thinking is not found by entering them, it is found by entering yourself. It is found through the achievement of mastering your own internal clutter, by refining that which is coarse in perception within you, by creating a pathway that knowingly connects you to the all that is, that great ‘oneness’ that all consciousness shares.

Telepathic communications do not take only one form either. They can and do sometimes come as words, internal verbal sentences, but they also come as images, pictures that travels to your mind¹s eye as well as gestalts of pure knowing. Sometimes it is as if someone has just downloaded you with a whole block of information that you recognize as a complete structure without having to pull apart the pieces. Thus telepathy can put to work a whole array of spiritual senses in order to convey the ideas and information fully and in an accessible form.

Yet one must keep in mind that the information, even telepathically conveyed, is still subject to an individual¹s perceptions and filters of reality. If a topic is weighty or emotional for someone, it will be especially influenced by one¹s own subjective views and biases. Just as four people can witness the same event and relate very different versions of what happened, so too can a telepathic message be slanted in the same way by personal perspectives.

The more internal spiritual work you have done in facing and mastering your own issues, the more universal your perceptions and truth becomes.

How to Set Up Your Own Galactic Diplomacy Contact Group

Form a (small) group of like-minded individuals interested in establishing telepathic communications with ET friends. Meet at least once per week. Groups create a stable and safe environment in which to embark on this journey of contact. Consistency is important.

Many ET groups establish regular communications with a contact group after they have proven an ongoing commitment.

Ask each person of your group:

Do you feel ready to open yourself to a telepathic exchange?

Do you feel ready to have a visual confirmation of the ET presence? ­ i.e. see an ET ship.

Do you feel ready to have a physical contact experience?

Do you want the benevolent ETs to show up and make themselves known to the entire planet?

(These are important questions which will help you to determine basic parameters for your goals as a group and to identify the comfort zones of each individual ­ remember that the benevolent ETs do not push us to where we do not want to go.)

Identify individual spiritual goals. Contact for contacts sake is not what the benevolent ETs are interested in promoting. They offer a valuable experience to bolster your own evolutionary process (as you do for them in return), so take the time to have each member of your group state a specific spiritual goal that interests them, then create a more general group goal. This will help members of the group to focus once communications have been established.

For example, some contact groups may have a majority of members who are interested in the healing arts, thus you may focus the group intention on calling in an ET group who can offer helpful information in this field.

Whether working to assist the environment, developing your intuitive skills, interspecies communications, understanding the nature of higher dimensional planes, etc. ­ identify one or several group interests that the ET communications can support. This structure may grow and evolve naturally as the contact group and ET group get to know each other.

Finally, decide together what ET groups everyone is comfortable inviting in for open communications. Create a list of who you would like to work with and do some research about what the different ET groups offer in the way of their strengths and areas of expertise. (The ET Typology listed on this site is a good starting point for this sort of information)

Remember that creating a safe and stable environment for all members of your contact group creates the foundation for fulfilling and long term interactions.

* However, remain open to the idea that an ET group not on your list may ask to communicate. It will be the choice of the individual(s) who receives the request if he/she accepts (depending upon how their energy feels – loving and safe or fear generating) and then later the group can decide whether to invite future dialogue.

The Meeting Place/ What You Will Need to Bring

Chose a QUIET meeting place. An outdoor and indoor option is preferable so that the weather can be taken into account. If you are within a city and cannot escape traffic, lights and people, you may decide to meet indoors regularly for telepathic exchanges, and then schedule a trip to the country for a camping trip with the group whenever possible.

The optimal condition is to be in a peaceful rural setting outdoors, up on a mountain or out on an open plain with few remnants of civilization in sight. But even the basement of an office building will do if nothing better is available. Telepathic communications can take place anywhere ­ location, time and space are not factors, only a quiet and safe space in which to concentrate.

Most contact groups meet at night, but it is just as acceptable to meet during the day if peoples schedules permit.

If you meet in nature you will need outdoor chairs that are comfortable, accessible and easy to carry. Also bring flashlights and water or something to drink.

Dress comfortably in loose fitting clothes and make sure you have enough clothes and blankets to keep warm. It is hard to concentrate when your body is not comfortable and many people get cool while sitting in meditation for any length of time.

Have a CD player available and bring gentle, meditative music for the Group Contact Meditation. (The Monroe Institute sells Metamusic and Hemisync Music – listen below Media Player – which is music specifically designed to promote the brain wave patterns of a deep meditation ­ these are excellent for this purpose but any non-verbal, quiet music will do well.)

Have a member of your group bring an inexpensive digital camera. Take plenty of pictures around the group especially after the Group Contact Meditation. Expensive digital cameras have special infra red and ultra violet filters, but the cheap ones do not carry such extras.

Many phenomena, including the orbs which so many people are now taking note of can only be captured in the infra red and ultra violet spectrum. Sometimes even ships, probes or beings come up on pictures that no one noticed at the time (they were out of our spectrum of vision), but the camera caught the phenomena.

Optional Equipment: Crystal Bowl(s), Candles, Larger Group Crystal, Personal Crystals, Dowsing Rods

Worth Special Attention

Pay attention to cloud formations in the sky.

Some ships travel in a higher frequency state which approximates the density of our clouds. These clouds can look like near perfect saucer shapes and are fantastic to see. Such ships have been caught on film morphing from a cloud state into a more solid, physical state.

Pay attention for a triangulation pattern of the stars in the night sky.

Often in your contact group you will establish great communications with the ETs but not see their ships. When ships are not visible take special notice of the stars above the group. Sometimes the stars will look as if they have been rearranged into a pattern of perfect triangles twinkling in all directions. It is as if the ETs are playing with cosmic geometry just to validate the efforts of the group with a beautiful display. This effect in the sky can hold stationary and then suddenly disappear, bringing the stars back to the visual state we consider normal.

Pay attention to animal sounds in the night and odd animal appearances.

ET can communicate with a group in many ways, including sending animal messengers. They too are helping us to perceive nature as part of our greater reality and the animal kingdom provides another dynamic communication network to tap into. If your group is outside, take note of animal calls that take place during an important message being received from the ETs or monitor your emotional state. The screech of an owl can be a message to pay attention in some way.

If you suddenly feel a pressure in your ears (same as you feel when you ascend or descend in a plane) during a contact meditation, this informs you that a ship is near by or that one has even settled above your group with an energy field.

Higher frequency ships are not visible to the naked eye, but are sometimes visible to clairvoyants or those who know how to use their spiritual eyes. With little practice, group members become more adept at feeling and sensing what is around them when their eyes do not reveal the full story.

* And it should be noted that this is an important aspect of contact – development of the intuitive senses.

Initiating Contact Protocol

Position the group in a circle formation. This creates a harmonized flow of energy through and around the group. It also allows all directions of the sky to be visible if the group meets outdoors. (Optional ­ place a candle or a crystal in the center of the circle.)

Clear the space and have everyone center their attention by toning, chanting or have someone play a crystal bowl for a few minutes.

In each meeting one person from the group will be designated to lead the Contact Meditation. It is best if everyone takes a turn at this position to promote equality and participation at all levels. At this point the leader for this meeting will begin to play the meditation music and everyone will prepare themselves to sit quietly for the next 30-60 minutes.

The designated person will now have everyone close their eyes and envision a golden white bubble of light around themselves. This personal energy bubble will be created with the intention of only allowing in those energies which are in alignment with the individual¹s highest good. Then the leader will guide the group to create a much larger bubble which can encompass the entire group and which once again will only allow in those energies which serve the divine will.

Next the leader will talk the group through 10 minutes of breathing exercises (as listed in the ‘General Tools and Practices for Preparing for Contact’ section).

With everyone now grounded and centered, the leader will ask the group to open their heart centers and to envision a golden light of loving energy flowing freely into their bodies, and then all around them to fill their personal bubbles.

Then have the group unite the energy of their hearts and send this healing light around the planet to enfold all of humanity in grace and peace. Use this same energy then to create a wave into space, reaching out in the spirit of brotherhood to connect with those ET civilizations the group chooses to invite in for communications.

The leader will state the group¹s spiritual goal(s) and ask for those ETs who can best assist these goals to communicate. Continue to guide the energies beyond time and space, from form into the formless. The designated group leader will learn to open herself/himself to the spontaneous influences of the moment, and to create the meditation with whatever imagery and information or guidance feels right.

To complete this phase, the leader will tell everyone to open themselves to connect with whatever ET being or group feels appropriate, and that they will be free to their own experience for the next 30 minutes (45 or 60 or whatever approximate time period) and that the leader will gently call them back and ask them to complete communications at the end of this period.

After a given period of time passes or it feels like everyone is complete, the leader will softly let everyone know to take a few more minutes to finalize any interactions. Then the leader will ask everyone to return to their bodies, taking a deep breath and opening their eyes. It is often appropriate to then sit in silence for 5-15 minutes, enjoying the lingering energies and allowing people to digest their individual experiences. It is also the appropriate time to pay attention to the sky for any aerial or unusual activity.

After this quiet period, everyone should be invited to share any appropriate experience, message or communication that they received. This is also a very good time to take some pictures with a cheap digital camera around the group to capture any ultra violet and infra red spectrum activity.

After everyone is done sharing their experiences, if the group is outdoors it is lovely to continue to sit and star gaze. Patience can sometimes yield rewards. Otherwise, decide on the next meeting time and new group meditation leader before everyone departs.


Solar Warden…

The following is a detailed summary of our tentative, current understanding of the core issues related to the presence of the visitors, and the possibleearth changes that may be ahead of us.

By its very nature it is subject to change and revision at any time, as the Big Picture comes into focus and becomes clearer. It is also intended to provoke thought and to invite readers to do their own research and analysis. It would be extraordinary if every detail below were correct.

Much of this information is also elsewhere on this site (interview to Henry Deacon) and elsewhere, but the summary below may be a useful synopsis for the purposes of discussion.

The Roswell Catastrophe

The visitors who crashed at Roswell were future humans 1. They were not from another planet 2, but from a future Earth – stepping (which may be a better word than traveling) back in time to 1947 to attempt to deal with serious problems which had occurred in their history 3. Their mission was to try to change their past by creating an alternative branch of their own timeline, so that particular events – about to happen to us in our very near future – would not actually occur.

The Roswell visitors were on a purely altruistic mission. They did not have to do this, but chose to… out of compassion.

But the mission went disastrously wrong – not just because they crashed (an accident caused by high-powered radar – later the military realized this and made use of radar as a weapon), but because they had a device with them which was their only means, as an orientation device in time and space, to get them home and back to their own time.

The device was a little box, highly advanced and multifunctional in nature, and was far smaller than the “Looking Glass” that Dan Burisch 4 and Bill Hamilton 5 describe as being subsequently utilized by military scientists in various experiments.

When the box was acquired and investigated by the military, this became a catastrophe in itself. It made the timeline problem many times worse, because this both introduced time manipulation technology to us at the wrong time… and also told the military what lay ahead.

It can not be stressed too strongly how totally calamitous for us all the Roswell incident was. It was a major, major setback, right at the start of the future humans’ project to help fix the problem.

Acquiring a device such as that which the Roswell visitors carried would immediately alter the timeline which the future humans were trying to change in the first place… so there would then be two timelines that need fixing, and not just one.

NOAA, the Dark Star, and Global Warming

A small organization within NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) is aware of what scientists there sometimes call the “second sun”. This is a massive astronomical object, possibly a brown dwarf  6, which is on a long elliptical orbit around our own sun on an inclined plane to the rest of the planets.

To align with other researchers 7, we’ll refer to this as the Dark Star.

The Dark Star is now approaching, and is causing resonance effects on our sun in various ways 8. This is the cause of the warming of all the planets, not just the Earth 9. This information is classified, but has been known for a number of years10.

This issue is connected with the Roswell catastrophe described above. The problems the future humans were attempting to address were multiple, but principally featured a possible event triggered by a massive ‘spike’ of solar activity at some point in our currently near future.

We emphasize most strongly that this event is only possible (having been observed in Looking Glass devices in a possible future)… and, importantly, is now evaluated to be unlikely 11.

The increase in solar activity is caused only in part by the Dark Star, multiple factors being at play. These are complex.

Some of them are on a galactic scale 12, and are associated with natural, periodic events which the Earth has suffered through a number of times previously. What makes this particular time completely unique for our planet is that there is a convergence of serious factors – such as global warming13, overpopulation, and our propensity for choreographing war 14 – all of which combine with these major, cyclic and solar events to simultaneously threaten the well-being of ourselves and the biosphere.

The large-scale events are unstoppable.

It’s also unclear when the ‘spike’ of solar activity is due to be – though our understanding is that this is imminent, and could occur at any time in the next ten years or so. Although the issue has been considerably hyped, it’s impossible not to observe that the year 2012 15 is right in the middle of this bell-curve of probability.

What is possible, however, is to minimize the effects of the solar event. Evaluated Looking Glass data concludes that there is a 19% probability of the worse case scenario occurring, with 85% confidence that that 19% figure is correct 16.

It seems we’re off the hook… although no matter what timeline one is on, significant problems lie ahead with the man-made crises that surround us (exacerbated by solar activity).

Insurance – Underground Bases, Project Preserve Destiny, and the Martian Colony

Readers may by now have made the connection with the trillions of dollars 17 spent in recent decades by various military agencies on underground bases in a number of different countries 18. Given the possibility of an imminent near-ELE (extinction level event)19, a cynic would argue that it’s a smart use of our tax dollars to ensure that at least some humans survive 20.

Other readers will connect this potential scenario with the story told by Dan Sherman 21, in straightforward, unassuming and sober fashion, in which he was trained as an IC (Intuitive Communicator) as a preparation for an unknown future event that would include all electronic communications being rendered unusable 22.

The project he was part of was called Project Preserve Destiny… the title of which gives us a very heavy clue to what this was all about 23.

Researchers who have looked into the claims of the infamous TV program Alternative 3 24 conclude in the main that the show was a hoax. There is clear evidence that the show was a dramatic portrayal of arguably fictional events. However, it would appear that it may have been accidental disinformation rather than a hoax per se.

Certain events portrayed in the program 25 are markedly similar to the scenario presented here.

Among those is the existence of a substantial Mars base, established in the early 1960s and supplied by a combination of stargates 26 and an advanced, classified space program codenamed SOLAR WARDEN 27.

The Mars base apparently has a number of functions 28 but among those would certainly be the ensured survival of the human species should anything untoward happen on or to our home planet.

What Can Be Done?

As has been written above, the major, cyclic large-scale events that are set to occur are unstoppable by us or any other race, no matter how advanced their technology. But what can be mitigated are certain effects.

Much remains under our control, although as every day passes the clock is ticking:

  • carbon emissions are not helping 13
  • choreographed and orchestrated war 14 adds to the chaos
  • new diseases and possible pandemics 29 may be controllable if we act in harness

This is no different a warning than has been stated by many other messengers in recent years, but we place this in a context where the stakes are rather higher than usually recognized.

It IS possible to work together to make a difference in a situation in which the backs of the human race may be up against the wall. On an individual level, more is possible.

Michael St Clair 30 says simply: find a safe place, and do it now. Many others agree.

It may be smart to avoid living:

  • on the coast
  • on low-lying land
  • on a fault zone
  • in a major city
  • on the sides of a volcano.

Fresh water is likely to be a major issue. Some analysts consider the southern hemisphere (Australia?) to be safer than the north, as the craziness of orchestrated war threatens.

Remember that global warming will really start to bite in the near future.

The Atlantic Conveyor  31 may conceivably shut down, plunging Europe into a deep freeze. The warmer the Earth gets, the more evaporation there will be from the sea; so expect Katrina-scale hurricanes (in the west) and cyclones (in the east – they’re pretty much the same thing), and disrupted and extreme weather patterns everywhere.

There is a metaphysical approach, too. Lynne McTaggart 32 in her new book The Intention Experiment – Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Lifeargues as she did in her previous work, The Field, that consciousness is a factor that can and does affect macro-scale events. We would wholeheartedly agree.

Morphic fields 33 – templates or patterns of manifestations yet to unfold – are as powerful and influential as they are invisible; and morphic resonance is also amenable to the power of thought 34.

It’s even possible to bootstrap oneself into an optimum (least worst) timeline… though there’s no instruction book on a mechanical means to do this. Spiritual methodologies such as the many forms of Meditation and other Yogic practice, Buddhism, Sufism and Shamanism can assist one here.

(This is far from an exclusive list, and may include some of the major organized religionsPrayer, if well understood and applied by a mature and aware spirit, is certainly capable of working miracles.)

Times are changing, and global awareness (actually, a large morphic field) is gradually being heightened. The real question is, how fast? The way to put one’s shoulder to the wheel is to add one’s own strong and optimistic intention to the concept of the positive outcome.

And like all such mental or spiritual gymnastics, this has to be real: it cannot be faked.


  1. This information has been reported by Dan Burisch.
    Not all visitors are time travelers. There are a great many races currently visiting this planet; many of these are genuine extraterrestrials. Reported numbers vary, but the respected witness Sgt. Clifford Stone, for example, says he knew of 57. Other witnesses have reported numbers of a similar order of magnitude.
    The motivations of the visitors are likely to vary as much as human agendas do. We can safely assume that some are benevolent and altruistic; some are evil and self-serving; and others may have agendas we can only guess at and may be beyond human understanding.
  2. According to Burisch, some of the subsequent visitors were future humans who were (at that future time) based on other planets, and no longer on the future Earth.
  3. This matter is complex. According to Burisch, some future humans are benevolent, while others are actually seeking to ensure that history is not changed; see note 23 below.
  4. Dan Burisch has made detailed technical drawings, from memory, of the ‘Looking Glass’ device he was familiar with. We’ll publish these as soon as we have clearance. Henry Deacon has said that he never worked with or encountered the form of Looking Glass that Burisch described, and therefore is not in a position to confirm it.
  5. Bill Hamilton described the Looking Glass in some detail. (Note: the image shown is not the real thing; this is taken from the movie The Time Machine.) 
  6. See Andy Lloyd’s section, and the Binary Research Institute’s website. For a series of excellent graphics depicting the Dark Star’s possible orbit, click here.
  7. Researchers differ in some details, but the consensus is that this is probably a brown dwarf. Deacon only referred to it as a massive astronomical object, causing serious gravitational and other effects. Burisch has stated in personal correspondence that his best recall is that he had been told that this object was a small black hole.
  8. The mechanism is unclear, but appears to include electromagnetic, gravitational, and other resonance effects.
  9. This information is in the public domain. It has been observed, for instance that Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are all warming up. There are many other references. Read David Wilcock’s and Richard Hoagland’s comprehensive and detailed research into ‘climate change’ affecting every planet in our solar system.
  10. A possible contender for the companion star was announced in 1983 by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) team, reporting a Jupiter-sized object at a distance of 550 astronomical units (550 times the Earth’s distance from the sun). The report was withdrawn soon afterwards, though IRAS have always claimed this was not a cover-up. Deacon reports that the small organization within NOAAhas known about the “second sun” for a decade or possibly much longer, but has never made any public reference to it.
  11. Burisch has stated on record that according to the most recent computer-analyzed Looking Glass data, there is a 19% chance of the worse case scenario occurring, with 85% confidence in that 19% figure.
  12. Burisch and Deacon both report that the principal factors at play are large scale and galactic in nature, linked with long-term, recurring cycles of influence on the Earth. Read this article about the correlation between cosmic ray activity and global warming, for instance.
  13. Al Gore, in his acclaimed documentary An Inconvenient Truth, makes the case for the harmful effect of increased carbon emissions with considerable impact. However, the real cause of global warming is very likely to lie with other larger scale causes (see note 9 above).
  14. The Report from Iron Mountain, among other documents in the public domain, references the organized and orchestrated requirement for war in order to maintain macro-scale economic and social stability.
  15. 21 December, 2012 is when the famous Mayan calendar comes to an end. Much has been written in speculation about the reasons why the Mayans saw no need to extend their calendar beyond that date. Deacon and Burisch state that this apparently exact date is not a precise prediction and that the solar events in question could occur at almost any time in the window 2007 – 2016.
  16. See note 11 above. Because (according to Burisch) steps were taken to decommission certain devices which were in danger of triggering massively amplified earth changes at the time of the solar ‘spike’, Burisch is confident in this calculation. Deacon states the the situation is continually subject to change, and is less sure of the figures.
  17. See this page for some details, and also many others.
  18. There are persistent reports of underground bases in the US, the UK, Puerto Rico, France, Germany, Norway, Canada, Australia, South America and Antarctica. Click here for some interesting photos of giant tunnel boring machines.
    There are also undersea bases, confirmed by Deacon and researched by Dr. Richard Sauder and others.
  19. Burisch reports that according to Looking Glass data, in the worse case scenario up to 94% of the Earth’s population might be killed over the period of a small number of years following the catastrophe.
  20. Any high-level military scenario planning would be based on the premise that not everyone could be saved if the world’s population were under serious threat.
  21. Sherman’s story is told in his excellent e-book, Above Black.
  22. It’s accepted by scientists that one of the possible effects from a sufficiently major solar ‘spike’ is that on Earth all electronic communications might be rendered unusable for some time.
  23. The title Project Preserve Destiny is chilling, implying that the project may be based on the premise that a cataclysmic future event has been observed through very high technology time-portal devices… and that it is to be ensured that what has been observed must occur. Burisch reports that a certain group of future humans, whom he calls The Rogues and who come from approx. 45,000 years hence, are committed to making sure that events in their history do indeed come to pass in our timeline and are not averted.
  24. Alternative 3 was shown by UK’s Anglia TV on 20 June, 1977 – although it was initially scheduled to be premiered on 1 April. Anglia TV made a statement the day after the program that it had been intended as a joke.
    Click here for to see a streaming video of the program itself (54 mins).
    Leslie Watkins, who authored the book of the same name, reveals that although he intended it as fiction in support of the TV program, he appears to have accidentally hit on something very real with the premise he portrayed.
  25. The premise described in the TV program (and the book) was that to deal with the twin problems of overpopulation and global warming, there were three alternative solutions:
  26. According to Deacon, stargates are routinely used for transport to distant locations, ‘travel time‘ being instantaneous.
  27. Deacon reports that SOLAR WARDEN encompasses a small fleet of large, highly classified space-planes.
  28. According to Deacon, the Mars base is multifunctional and has a large population of around 670,000 (not all of whom are present-day humans). Situated underground on the bottom of an ancient dried-up sea, it has, apparently, been in existence for thousands of years but was recently re-established in the early 1960s by an international team. Its functions include stargate access to more distant locations still.
  29. HIV, SARS, Avian (‘bird’) flu, and other modern scares – whether orchestrated or not – come to mind.
  30. Michael St Clair, a well-known visionary and astrologer who predicts major problems in the coming few years and who advocates prudently identifying safe places to live. (St Clair has already moved to live in a small community in a remote location.)
  31. Click here for a summary of the importance of the Atlantic Conveyor, a critical component of the oceanic circulatory system. If the Atlantic Conveyor were to shut down (as might be triggered by a massive amount of cool water flooding into the North Atlantic from, for instance, the melting of Arctic ice or Greenland glaciers), then the warm waters of the Gulf Stream would no longer reach European shores and Europe would experience a much cooler climate… despite global warming.
  32. Lynne McTaggart’s book, The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life. She is also the author of the ground-breaking book, The Field.
  33. The British Biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake introduced the concepts of Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance in his revolutionary 1981 book A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation. Simply put, Sheldrake argues that species create Morphic Fields – templates based on accumulated experience that have an an effect on the behaviors, attitudes and abilities of subsequent members of the same species – which influence others encountering the same situations at the same or a later time.
  34. The relevance here is that humans can consciously create Morphic Fields, which influence others once a critical mass of intention is gathered. It’s one way in which a small group, powerfully and positively focused, can gradually change the world.

Secret Space Program

Memory Recall Protocols for Secret Space Program Assets & Experiencers

This collaborative document between various SSP Assets and Experiencers outlines their methods and techniques for retrieving memory recalls having to do with SSP events that they have remembered seeing, experiencing, etc. as well as memory access to past lifetimes or other extraterrestrial events that may have happened in their lives as well as perhaps somehow being part of their lives either directly or indirectly. The Memory Recall Protocols for Secret Space Program Assets & Experiencers is not designed to replace any medical treatments or therapy counseling, etc. for dealing with traumatic events or experiences, this documentation seeks to help assist with memory recalls, if medical treatments and therapy are needed please seek professional counselor guidance in order to deal with the trauma or pain of various events having to do with SSP memory recalls that have profound or adverse health issues on someone’s mental state, emotional state or physical state of being.

1. Sorting memory recall flash backs to determine what are the real memories from false implanted memory inserts, holographic memory simulations, or deliberately implanted screen memories of something that never actually happened or only true partial memories but are mixed in with false implanted memories.

2. Creating a timeline of SSP Asset experiences and memory recalls of when everything happened and how, date ranges for months, years, places, people, planets, ships, mission duties, battles, seeing different sorts of ET’s or having interactions, if on any bases or space stations coordinates, etc.

3. Figuring out from the memory recall why the SSP took the asset for what purpose to be part of the programs, which particular programs or groups in the SSP (names of bases, space stations, people), what if any ET involvement there is in conjunction to the SSP and why.

4. Write down the details of the events from the memory recalls either on paper, computer log, audio/video recalls, etc. When chronically the memory recalls write down the date, month, year of when the memory recall happened.

5. Consider doing hypnosis regression with professional practitioners who specialize in memory retrieval dealing with Secret Space Program Assets or Experiencers, ET Abductions, ET Contacts, Super soldiers, SSP Whistleblowers or Insiders. Have the sessions recorded on audio/video. Examples of hypnosis regression can include the corridors and doorways technique, quantum healing hypnosis, etc. Through self-guided meditation hypnosis regression try to figure out the SSP acronyms that are specifically associated with the SSP program/group the SSP Asset was placed into, names of programs, bases, space stations, technologies, medical equipment, etc.

An interesting hypnosis regression technique is the corridors and doorways method where the participant walks down a corridor that has various doors on the left hand side and right hand side of the corridor and the doors have energetic frequencies that the participant can be drawn to in order to look at specific events from their memory recall experiences whether those are Secret

Space Program events, past lives, etc. The different doors can be based on the ages of the participant for when the events happened or just on the events themselves without knowing the specific age stamps for when the events happened. It can be like active and interactive participation in the memory event sequences where you can choose to ask questions of whoever you see in the memory events and get answers or the participate can just be an observer seeing how the memory sequences happen for the memory recall events and just watch the process like in a holographic simulation and have the hypnosis regression session recorded on audio/video as a diary archive log.

The corridors and doorways hypnosis regression technique can be found in the book Beyond Reincarnation: Experience Your Past Lives & Lives Between Lives, By Joe H. Slate.

Here is a link to Ileana’s Self-Guided Past Life Regression Meditation which has components of Shamanic and Hypnosis Regression in order to be able to access past lives and various other events that are part of someone’s soul record like for example SSP experiences/events:

There is a form of healing hypnosis regression called the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) where the client can ask various questions about themselves, anything else that they are interested in their life or associated with their soul like past lives, SSP events/experiences during the hypnosis where the subconscious mind, higher self, or other aspects like higher dimensional ET’s associated with the person doing the hypnosis will provide insightful answers to the questions as well as healing for any ailments that the participant in the hypnosis asks to heal during the hypnosis session and even beyond.

6. Having a professional remote viewer or someone who does remote sensing go through a participants memories psychically in order to help make sense of the various memory recalls that are coming through and describe to the participant what the remote viewer is seeing and why. Sometimes memory recalls can be triggered by current events that are happening to the participant so these events could be connected in some way to the memory recall events.

7. Doing interview sessions with other SSP Assets or Experiencers in order to find out whether there are any commonalities or differences in memory recall details and how that ties in with being SSP Assets in various programs/groups.

8. Having a professional psychic or intuitive, researchers who are aware of the SSP do detailed audio/video interviews of the SSP Asset or experiencers to record their memory recall events as archives of these people’s experiences in order to document as much of the memory recall as possible to have a complete history for memory recall. Have the interviewers ask the assets pertinent questions regarding their memory recalls to ascertain as much information as possible in regards to what the memory recalls are and why they happened, purpose, where, when, why and how.

9. The SSP Assets or experiencers can do their own audio/video diaries exploring their memory recall experiences for what happened to them in the SSP from their perspectives with comments on what they recall and why as archives for what happened to them to refer back to later for examination. Often video diaries can reveal hidden details of what really happened to the SSP Assets and why.

10. Commissioning artwork to reflect the memory recalls of the SSP Assets or experiencers detailing what they saw, heard, and experienced in terms of being on different planets, bases, space stations, being stationed on Earth in special black ops projects, meeting different ET’s, human handlers or supervisors, technology, etc. Having a professional artist working with the individuals, drawing your own artwork or finding likeness images as reference sources from the internet for what things looked like from the SSP experiences.

11. Dreams or waking lucid states often have bits and pieces of memory recalls or blead through experiences about SSP events, ET abductions, and ET contact experiences so keeping track of recording those events as part of memory retrieval.

12. Taking photographs or video of any unusual phenomenon like injection site marks on the body, burned in markings, and UFO craft sightings near the SSP Assets house, work place, etc. as evidence that something is going on with the SSP assets or experiencers in terms of being put in the SSP programs.

13. Recording incidences of missing time, being gone for long periods of time and not remembering what happened, feeling drugged or being sick for no explainable reasons, having nightly visitations from off world SSP handlers, ET’s, being taken against your will off planet for missions then being returned home with missing memories.

14. Being given knowledge downloads for medical procedures or terminology, scientific knowledge, or technological knowledge for things that you did not learn in college, university, or job wise but suddenly know how to do since perhaps you were working off world in medical/research laboratories, science labs, or on exotic technology for SSP programs or groups.

15. Try to do some investigative research and link the SSP Asset or Experiencer memory recalls to any unclassified or declassified Black Ops Projects or Army/Military government project plans like for example Project Horizon Moon Base, Mars Project, etc. that can identify the links between the SSP Asset’s or experiencers memory recalls to actual SSP off world project plans or Earth programs.

16. Create interactive and educational PDF and voiced over video presentations of the SSP memory recall experiences for archival online media publications in order for other SSP Assets and Experiencers to be able to compare or contrast their memory recalls with those who have already publicly come forward sharing their disclosure stories on the internet, radio shows, digital media, etc.

17. Some memory recalls that are retrieved can be traumatic and painful in nature to explore so time and care would potentially need to be taken to carefully examine the events from the memory recalls to determine what happened and why then work through the memories to properly process their significance in order to not be triggered by PTSD, anxiety, or depression. At times SSP Assets or experiencers may participate in UFO/ET Abduction support groups, SSP veterans support groups, MILAB/Military Abduction support groups or do therapy sessions with spiritual hypnosis regression therapists or counselors who specialize in the SSP/abduction scenarios for helping clients work through the process of dealing with traumatic or painful memory event recalls that involve abuse, violence, enslavement, off world kidnapping so the participants have time to work through the memory recalls in a safe environment where they cannot be further traumatized by the actual memory recall events themselves while living in the 3D matrix system.

By Ileana the Star Traveler

I basically remote view a memory to see what happens next and fill in blanks. [That was how I found the Christmas at Langley memory where everyone was invisible from the hips up.]

I let the memory flow on its own unless there are obvious weirdnesses, then I ask my subconscious to pull back the veil and let me see what really happened. That uncovers the screen memories.

I also try to follow the obvious ‘breaks’ to see what happened, whether I was put into stasis or blank slated.

I have people write it out, even if it’s just in messenger.

And try to work out a timeline–or at least which alter did it. Most don’t want to admit to having alters. Nearly all do eventually.

By Penny Bradley

Going into the process of deep meditation, being able to fully relax is the key for me, or anyone really, being able to allow the flow of images to enter the mind in order to figure out the places or events that one is beginning to see in the memory recalls, and recognizing the textures of smells, colors, clothing, people, eras, planets, locations, technology and surroundings, having the specifics of what is happening of where, when, and how is really a good key. When I do memory recall(s) I notice very significant things, colors, the weather just really notice the surroundings, it’s important to take note of this and write it down.

I think it’s important for people to really try to take note of the surroundings when remembering recalls. That’s how I know it’s a genuine recall for me. I hadn’t had any that really clicked for me until this recent one, I wasn’t able to remote view it I am still sick with a head cold, I asked my pendulum questions. I asked if my DNA was augmented I got a yes. I asked if this was for the purpose of good I got a yes. I asked if they injected me with any black goo or anything like that and I got a no. But I am still unsure. The girl

that was injected in her fingertip said it was painful when the liquid stuff was being injected. I feel it was a clear or frosted white color liquid. But the tablets were larger than a normal sized pain killer. I wonder if that is what put me to sleep before the procedure.

Memory Recall Event: I had a recall last night, first one for a while, I was in some type of hospital, I have been here before, it was familiar, the wall color was a light mustard/off yellow color, I was being injected with something, but before this I had to swallow some tablets which was really hard to swallow because I couldn’t drink a lot of water so I had to try like dry swallow them with minimal water. I was injected intravenously, the girl before me has her injections done through the tip of her finger, and I asked to not have the injection there. So had mine done in my arm, I know it made me sleep for the duration of this process, I don’t know what was injected into me but I know I woke drugged even in the recall when I woke up. It was like a hospital/clinic/operation type place. The nurses or doctors there were odd, but human in appearance. I can’t remember why I needed this or the color of the stuff that they injected. But I was out to it in the recall for what seemed like a few hours. I know not long after the procedure had finished I woke up in the recall and was on a hospital bed in a private type room. It was like once the stuff was all in my system I woke up immediately.

By Rochelle Staniforth

My methods of memory recall retrieval involve living in a Tesla field and being exposed to an anti-Source philosophy and having a third eye mind meld. Not a pretty combination! Very traumatic, almost didn’t survive it.

I cannot reveal the group that shoved ET contact down my throat. Actually I’m not a victim … I gave some permission … but was foolish and did not properly understand the consequences.

A Tesla field can help but one must have safeguards through it. It requires kundalini activation also. I also want to note that the Tesla field was special in that it was derived from natural Earth surface charge as the radiant power source, and it was NOT polarized. Since there cannot exist an Anti-Source, then it created inner mental conflict. So I had to survive the experience, and through it, putting the pieces back together from that mind fracture (literally the crystal of my mind shattered into a hundred pieces), … it took several years to reintegrate … then the memories came forth. Who I was working with was a dark fleet agent … since then, every now and then I will get visions and downloads like watching a computer monitor (implant).

The memories came forth interactively as I was in conflict and as I was healing. And I’m not so sure that I wasn’t actually experiencing SSP service during this time.

Suddenly afterward I had a lot of knowledge to write down… took 5 years to write it all down … and being memory or rather EXPERIENCE-jogged by other x-SSP veterans.

The trauma through the electrical field kicked in those memories or kept me somewhat conscious so that I maintained some memory … as well as recalled memory through mind fracture-based trauma that I was able to heal from.

Trauma from interaction with dark fleet ET and human’ish operatives … and through the Tesla field. All that.

Very intense two months that led to six months that led to 3 years … I’m still a little twitchy but I can control it at will, the various information streams.

Control it means turn it off … before I get too close to a mini-overload meltdown. So … all good now. Transformed with a hybrid activated kundalini but all good.

I can say that it was a Tau Ceti / Earth-Human loose alliance involved. Both sides of intelligence gathering agendas too … and that’s all I will say.

They hooked me up to astral electronic feedback machines … and I saw them do it, and provided their interface through my Tesla field.

Special unpolarized electrostatic natural radiant Tesla fields connects one to different dimensional and astral realms and frequencies that the SSP uses … in part TK cloak their ships too. Even small fighter/transport ships.

By Drew Dowling

In the Experience of being a Milab SSP asset all of your memories are contained in your subconscious mind and in your soul. Your soul is the recorder of the memories of your lifetimes and those memories can be accessed through the akashic records. The Akashic Records can be accessed during your dreamtime so in the dreamtime you may experience a memory from the past or even from the future because time is a continuum and what can be done backwards can also be done forwards. So it is therefore possible to see things in the future. Along with these memories of the past and future there may come an experience of a Secret Space Program Mission Recall that is being remembered.


1. Wake up and meditate every morning and night and learn the Merkaba Light body meditation.

Links to the Merkaba Light Body Meditation:

https://klatraum.gacrux.uberspace.de/wordpress/book-ancient-secret-of-flower-of-life-and- merkaba-18-breath-technique/

Written Instructions for the Merkaba Light Body Meditation:


Spherical Breathing and the Remembrance of the Mer-Ka-Ba

Like the Sun, we must breathe, radiating out to all life. And from all life we will receive our manna. Begin by creating a place in your home that is used only for this meditation.

Make a space where no one will walk through or disturb you, such as in a corner of your bedroom. A small altar with a candle and a cushion or pillow to sit on may be helpful. Make this place holy. It is here that you will learn to create the living Mer-Ka-Ba around your body and make conscious contact with your higher self.

Enter into this meditation once each day until the time comes when you are a conscious breather, remembering with each breath your intimate connection with God. [Read Update 1 (see below)] To begin the meditation, first sit down and relax. Any human position is possible for doing the meditation, but sitting lotus style or on a chair is probably best. You decide. Begin by letting the worries of the day go. Breathe rhythmically and shallowly in a relaxed manner. Be aware of your breath and feel your body relax. When you feel the tension begin to fade, place your attention on your Christ chakra, which is located just about one centimeter above your sternum, and begin to open your heart. Feel love.

Feel love for God and all life everywhere. Continue to breathe rhythmically the same length of time in and out), being aware of your breath, and feel the love moving through your spirit. When the feeling of love is in your beingness, you are ready to move toward the experience of the Mer- Ka-Ba. The degree you are able to love will be the degree to which you will be able to experience the living Mer-Ka-Ba.

An Overview of the Meditation

There are seventeen breaths to reach completion. The first six are for the balancing of the polarities within your eight electrical circuits and for the cleansing of these circuits. The next seven, which are quite different, are to reestablish the proper pranic flow through your chakra system and to create what is called spherical breathing within your body. The fourteenth breath is unique. It changes the balance of pranic energy in your body from third-dimensional to fourth- dimensional awareness. The last three breaths re-create the counterrotating fields of the living Mer-Ka-Ba within and around your body.

Part 1: The First Six Breaths

The following instructions are broken into four areas: mind, body, breath and heart.

Merkaba-18-Breath-Technique (Book: Ancient Secret of Flower of Life Vol.2 by Drunvalo



Heart: Open your heart and feel love for all life. If you cannot do this you must at least open to this love as much as is possible for you. This is the most important instruction of all.

Mind: Become aware of the Sun (male) tetrahedron (the apex facing upward to the Sun, with a point facing to the front for males and for females a point facing to the back). See this Sun tetrahedron filled with brilliant while light surrounding your body. (The color of this brilliant white light is the color of lightning as you see it coming from a hundercloud. It is not only the color of lightning, it is the energy of lightning.) Visualize it the best you can. If you cannot visualize it, sense or feel it surrounding you. Feel the Sun Tetrahedron filled with this energy. [Read Update 2.]

Body: At the same moment of inhalation, place your hands in a mudra where your thumb and first finger in both hands are touching. Lightly touch the tips of the two fingers, not allowing the sides of your fingers to touch each other or any other object. Keep your palms facing up. [Read Update 3.]

Breath: At this same moment, with your lungs empty, begin to breathe in a complete yogic breath. Breathe through your nostrils only, except at certain places, which will be described. Simply breathe from your stomach first, then your diaphragm and finally your chest. Do this in one movement not three. The exhalation is completed either by holding the chest firm and relaxing the stomach, slowly releasing the air, or by holding the stomach firm and relaxing the chest. The most important point is that this breathing becomes rhythmic, meaning the same time duration in and out. Begin by using seven seconds in and seven seconds out, which is what the Tibetans use. As you become familiar with this meditation, find your own rhythm. The breaths can be as long as you are comfortable with, but should not be less than five seconds unless you have a physical problem and cannot do it that long. Then, of course, do the best you can.

The following instructions for a complete yogic breath are from Science of Breath: A Complete Manual of the Oriental Breathing Philosophy of Physical, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual Development by Yogi Ramacharaka [Yoga Publishers Society, 1904]. Perhaps this description from his book will be helpful: Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm while descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen. Then fill the middle part of the lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone and chest. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper chest thus lifting the chest, including the upper six or seven pairs of ribs.

At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This, however, is not the correct idea. The inhalation is continuous, the entire chest cavity from the lowered diaphragm to the highest point of the chest in the region of the collarbone being expanded with a uniform movement. Avoid a jerky series of inhalation and strive to attain a steady, continuous action. Practice will soon overcome the tendency to divide the inhalation into three movements

and will result in a uniform, continuous breath. You will be able to complete the inhalation in a few seconds after a little practice.

Exhale quite slowly, holding the chest in a firm position and drawing the abdomen in a little and lifting it upward slowly as the air leaves the lungs. [Author’s Note: Some teachers reverse this part by holding the abdomen in a firm position and relaxing the chest. Most teachers use the first met/tod. Either way is fine.] When the air is entirely exhaled, relax the chest and abdomen. A little practice will render this part of the exercise easy, and the movement, once acquired, will be afterward performed almost automatically.


Heart: Love.

Mind: Become aware of the Earth (female) tetrahedron (apex pointing up the Earth, with a point facing to the back for males, and for females a point facing to the front). See this tetrahedron also filled with brilliant white light.

Body: Keep the same mudra.

Breath: Do not hesitate at the top of the inhalation to begin the exhalation. Exhale quite slowly for approximately seven seconds, in the yogic manner. When the air is out of the lungs, without forcing, relax the chest and abdomen and hold the breath. When you feel pressure to breathe again after five seconds or so, then do the following:

Mind: Be aware of the flat equilateral triangle at the top of the Earth tetrahedron located in the horizontal plane that passes through your chest at approximately 3 inches below the Christ chakra, or approximately at the solar plexus [see Vitruvius’ canon on the frontispiece before chapter 1]. In a flash, and with a pulse-like energy, send that triangular plane down through the Earth tetrahedron. It gets smaller as it goes down because it conforms to the shape of the tetrahedron and pushes all the negative energy of the mudra or electrical circuit out the tip or apex of the tetrahedron. A light will shoot out of the apex toward the center of Earth. This light, if you can see it, will usually be a muddy or dark color. The mind exercise is performed simultaneously with the following body movements. [Read Update 4.]

Body: This following exercise can be achieved with your eyes either open or closed. Move your eyes slightly toward each other; in other words, slightly cross your eyes. Now bring them up to the top of their sockets (by looking upward). This motion of looking up should not be extreme. You may feel a tingling sensation between your eyes in the area of your third eye. Now look down to the lowest point you can, as fast as you can. You may feel an electrical sensation move down your spine. The mind and the body must coordinate the above mental exercise with the eye movements. The eyes look down from their uppermost position at the same time the mind sees the horizontal triangular plane of the Earth tetrahedron move down to the apex of the Earth tetrahedron. It will naturally return to its normal position.

This combined exercise will clean out the negative thoughts and feelings that have entered your electrical system in this particular circuit. Specifically, it will clean out the part of your electrical system associated with the particular mudra you are using. Immediately upon pulsing the energy down your spine, change mudras to the next one and begin the entire cycle over again for the second breath.

The next five breaths repeat the first, with the following mudra changes: SECOND BREATH Mudra: Thumb and second [middle] finger together. THIRD BREATH Mudra: Thumb and third finger together.

FOURTH BREATH Mudra: Thumb and little finger together.

FIFTH BREATH Mudra: Thumb and first finger together (same as first breath)

SIXTH BREATH Mudra: Thumb and second finger together (same as second breath)

Part one, the first six breaths (balancing the polarities and cleansing your electrical system), is now complete. You are now ready for part two.

Part 2: The Next Seven Breaths, Re-creating Spherical Breathing

Here an entirely new breathing pattern begins. You do not need to visualize the star tetrahedron at this time. You only need to see and work with the breathing tube that runs through the star, from the apex of the Sun (male) tetrahedron above your head to the apex of the Earth (female) tetrahedron below your feet. The tube extends from one hand-length above your head to one hand-length below your feet. The diameter of your tube will be the size of the circle formed by touching your own thumb and middle finger together. (Because all people are different, each person must be his, her own measuring stick.) The tube is like a fluorescent tube with a crystalline tip at each end that fits into the top and bottom apexes of the two tetrahedrons. Prana enters the tube through an infinitely small hole at the tip.


Heart: Love. There is another refinement that can be used after you have first perfected this meditation. [Read Update 5.]

Mind: Visualize or sense the tube running through your body. The instant you begin the seventh inbreath, see the brilliant white light of prana moving up and down the tube simultaneously. This movement is almost instantaneous.

The point where these two prana beams meet within your body is controlled by the mind; this is a vast science known throughout the universe.

In this teaching, however, you will be shown only what is necessary to take you from the third- to the fourth-dimensional awareness and move with the Earth as she ascends. In this case you will direct the two beams of prana inside the tube to meet at your navel—or more correctly, within your body at the navel level.

The moment the two beams of prana meet, which is just as the inbreath begins, a grapefruit-sized sphere of white light/prana is formed at the meeting point centered within the tube exactly at this chakra. It all happens in an instant. As you continue to take the seventh inbreath, the sphere of prana begins to concentrate and grow slowly larger.

Body: For the next seven breaths, use the same mudra for both inbreath and outbreath: the thumb, first and second fingers touching together, palms up.

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing, seven seconds in and seven seconds out, or whatever is best for you. There is no holding your breath from now on. The flow of prana from the two poles will not stop or change in any way when you switch from inbreath to outbreath. It will be a continuous flow that will not stop as long as you breathe in this manner—even after death, resurrection or ascension


Mind: The prana sphere centered at the navel continues to grow. By the time of the full exhalation, the prana sphere will be approximately eight 01 nine inches in diameter. Breath: Do not force the air out of your lungs. When your lungs empty naturally, immediately begin the next breath.


Hearth: Love

Mind: The prana sphere continues to concentrate life-force energy and grow in size. EIGHT BREATH: Outbreath

Mind: The prana sphere continues to grow and will reach maximum size at the end this breath. The maximum size is different for each person. If you put your longest finger at the edge of your navel, the line on your wrist that defines your hand will show you the radius of the maximum size of this sphere for you. This sphere of prana cannot grow larger; it will remain this size intact even when we expand another sphere beyond this one later.


Mind: sphere cannot grow larger, so the prana begins to concentrate within the sphere, causing it to grow brighter.

Breath: The sphere grows brighter and brighter as you inhale.


Hearth: As you exhale, the sphere continues to grow brighter and brighter. TENTH BREATH: Inbreath

Mind: As you inhale the tenth breath, the sphere of light in your stomach and will reach maximum concentration. Approximately halfway into the tenth inbreath, at the moment of maximum possible concentration, the sphere will ignite and change color and quality. The electric blue-white color of prana will turn into the golden color of the Sun. The sphere will become a golden sun of brilliant light. As you complete the tenth inbreath, this new golden sphere of light will rapidly reach a new and higher concentration.

At the moment you reach full inhalation, the golden sphere of light in your body is ready for a transformation.


MIND: At the moment of exhalation, the small sphere of golden light, two hand-lengths in diameter, bulges to expand. In one second, combined with the breath described below, the sphere expands quickly to the size of Leonardo’s sphere (the fingertips of your extended arms). Your body is now completely enclosed in a huge sphere of brilliant golden light. You have returned to the ancient form of spherical breathing. However, at this point the sphere is not stable. You must breathe three more times (breaths 11, 12 and 13) to stabilize the new golden sphere. Breath: At the moment of exhalation, make a small hole with your lips and blow out your air with pressure. Notice how your stomach muscles contract and your throat seems to open. In the first moment of this breath, you will feel the sphere begin to bulge as you force the air through your lips. Then at the right moment (usually within a second or two), relax and let all the remaining air out through your lips. At that moment the sphere will immediately expand to the size of the Leonardo sphere. Notice that the original smaller sphere is also still there. There are two spheres, one within the other.


Mind: Relax and drop your visualization. Simply feel the flow of the prana flowing from the two poles, meeting at the navel and expanding outward to the large sphere.

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing. At the end of the thirteenth breath you have stabilized the large sphere and are ready for the important fourteenth breath.

It is important to note here that the original small sphere is still inside the larger sphere. In fact, the small sphere is actually brighter and more concentrated than the larger one. It is from this inner sphere that prana is drawn for various purposes such as healing.

Part 3: The Fourteenth Breath


Heart: Love.

Mind: At the beginning of the fourteenth inbreath, using your mind and your thoughts, move the point where the two beams of prana meet from your navel to about two or three finger widths above the bottom of the sternum, the fourth-dimensional chakra of Christ consciousness. The entire large sphere, along with the original small sphere, still contained within the large sphere, moves up to the new meeting point within the tube. Though this is very easy to do, it is an extremely powerful movement. Breathing from this new point within the tube will inevitably change your awareness from third- to fourth-dimensional consciousness, or from Earth consciousness to Christ consciousness. It will take a while to have this effect on you, but as I have said, it is inevitable if you continue this practice.

Body: The following mudra will be used for the rest of the meditation.

Males will place the left palm on top of the right palm, both faced upward, and females will place the right palm on top of the left palm. Let the thumbs lightly touch each other. It is a relaxing mudra. [Read Update 6.]

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing. However, if you continue to breathe from your Christ center without moving on to the Mer-Ka-Ba (this is recommended until you have made contact with your higher self), then shift to a shallow, comfortable rhythmic breath. In other words, breathe rhythmically but in a comfortable manner where your attention is more on the flow of energy moving up and down the tube, meeting at the sternum and expanding to the large sphere. Just feel the flow. Use your feminine side to just be. At this point don’t think; just breathe, feel and be. Feel your connection to all life through the Christ breath. Remember your intimate connection with God. [Read Update 7.]

Part 4: The Last Three Breaths, Creating the Vehicle of Ascension

It used to be taught that you not attempt this fourth part until you had made contact with your higher self and your higher self has given you permission to proceed. We are now giving you permission to proceed, but continue to be open to communication with your higher self. This part is to be taken seriously. The energies that will come into and around your body and spirit have tremendous power.

Heart: Unconditional love for all life.

Mind: Be aware of the whole star tetrahedron. Each is composed of one Sun (male) tetrahedron interlocked with one Earth (female) tetrahedron. These two, the Sun and Earth tetrahedrons together, form the whole star tetrahedron (the three-dimensional Star of David). Now, realize that there are three separate star tetrahedrons superimposed over each other—three complete sets of double (star) tetrahedrons that are exactly the same size and appear as one but are actually separate. Each star tetrahedron is exactly the same size, and each star tetrahedron has a polarity of its own, either male, female or neutral. Each star tetrahedron will turn or spin on the same axis.

The first star tetrahedron is neutral in nature. It is literally the body itself, and it is locked in place at the base of the spine. It never changes its orientation, except under certain rare conditions that have not been discussed. It is placed around the body according to the sex of the body.

The second star tetrahedron is male in nature and electrical. It is literally the human mind, and it can rotate counterclockwise relative to your body, looking outward. To put it another way, it rotates toward your left, beginning from a point in front of you.

The third star tetrahedron is female in nature and magnetic. It is literally the human emotional body, and it can rotate clockwise relative to your body, looking outward. Put another way, it rotates toward your right, beginning from a point in front of you. [Read Update 8.]


On the inhalation of the fifteenth breath, as you are inhaling, say to yourself in your mind the code words, “equal speed.” This will start the two rotatable star tetrahedrons pinning in opposite directions at equal speeds. Your mind knows exactly what your intentions are and will do as you say. This means there will be a complete rotation of the mind tetrahedrons for every complete rotation of the emotional tetrahedrons. If one set goes around 10 times, the other set will also go around 10 times, only in the opposite direction.

Body: Continue the mudra of the cupped hands from now on. [Read Update 9.]

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing again, but only for the next three breaths. After that, return to shallow, rhythmic breathing. We will mention this again.


Mind: The two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. In an instant they will be moving at exactly one-third the speed of light at their outermost tips. You will probably not be able to see this because of their tremendous speed, but you can feel it. What you have just done is to start the “motor” of the Mer-Ka-Ba. You will not go anywhere or have any exciting experience.

It is just like starting the motor of a car but keeping the transmission in neutral. It is an essential step in creating the Mer-Ka-a.

Breath: Make a small hole with your lips just like you did for breath number ten. Blow out in the same manner, and as you do, feel the two sets of tetrahedrons take off spinning. [Read Update 10.]


Mind: This is the most amazing breath. On the inbreath, as you are inhaling, say to yourself in your mind, “34/21.” This is the code for your mind to spin the two sets of tetrahedrons at a ratio of 34 to 21, meaning that the mind tetrahedrons will spin to the left 34 times while the emotional tetrahedrons will spin to the right 21 times. As the two sets speed up, the ratio will remain constant.

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing. [Read Update 11.]


Mind: As you let out the breath, the two sets of tetrahedrons take off in an instant from their setting at one-third the speed of light to two-thirds the speed of light. As they approach two- thirds light speed, a phenomenon occurs: A flat disk quickly extends from the original eight cells within the body (at the level of the base of the spine) to a distance of about 55 feet in diameter. And the sphere of energy centered around the two sets of tetrahedrons creates, with the disk, a shape that looks like a flying saucer around the body. This energy matrix is called the Mer-Ka-Ba. However, this field is not stable. If you see or sense the Mer-Ka-Ba around you at this point, you will know it to be unstable. It will be slowly wobbling. Therefore, breath number seventeen is necessary to speed it up.

Breath: Same as breath number fifteen. Make a small hole with your lips and blow out with pressure. It is at this point that the speed increases. As you will feel the speed increasing, let out all your breath with force. This action will cause the higher speed to be fully obtained and the Mer-Ka-Ba to be formed in a stable position.


Heart: Remember, unconditional love for all of life must be felt throughout this meditation or no results will be realized.

Mind: As you breathe in, say to yourself the code “nine-tenths the speed of light.” This tells your mind to increase the speed of the Mer-Ka-Ba to 0/10 the speed of light, which will stabilize the rotating field of energy. It will also do something else. The third-dimensional universe we live in is tuned to 9/10 the speed of light. Every electron in your body is rotating around every atom in your body at 9/10 the speed of light. This is the reason this particular speed is selected. It will enable you to understand and work with the Mer-Ka-Ba in this third dimension without having to have fourth or higher-dimensional experiences. This is very important in the beginning. [Read Update 12.]

Breath: Deep, rhythmic yogic breathing.


Mind: The speed increases to 9/10 the speed of light and stabilizes the Mer-Ka-Ba.

Breath: Same as breaths fifteen and sixteen. Make a small hole in your lips and blow out with pressure. As you feel the speed take off, let all your breath out with force. You are now in your stable, third-dimensionally tuned Mer-Ka-Ba. With the help of your higher self, you will understand what this really means.

After you are finished with the breathing exercise, technically you can immediately get up and return to your everyday life. If you do, try to remember your breathing and the flow through your body as long as you can and you can realize that life is an open-eyes meditation and everything is However, it would be desirable to remain in the meditation for a while longer, perhaps fifteen minutes to an hour. While you are in this meditation state, your thoughts and emotions are amplified tremendously. This is a great time for positive affirmations. Talk to your higher self to discover the possibilities of this special meditative time. We will talk about this in detail in the chapter on psychic energy.


This very special breath will not be taught here. You must receive it from your higher self. It is the breath that will take you through the speed of light into the fourth dimension (or higher, if higher self directs it). It is based on whole-number fractions, just as in music. You will disappear from this world and reappear in another one that will be your new home for a while. This is not the end, but the beginning of an ever-expanding consciousness returning you to the Source. I ask that you do not experiment with this breath. It can be very dangerous.

When the time is right, your higher self will cause you to remember how to do this breath. Do not be concerned about it; it will come when needed. There are many people teaching how to do this 18th breath now, especially on the Internet. I can’t tell you what to do, but please be careful. Many of these teachers are saying that they know how and that they can take you there and have you return to Earth. But just remember, if you realty take this breath, you will no longer exist in this dimension. The idea is that you can go to a higher dimension and return to Earth is highly unlikely. Not that it is impossible, simply highly unlikely. If you were to truly experience the higher worlds, you would not want to come back. So please be I careful. As I said, when the time is right, you will remember what to do without any outside help whatsoever.


Update 1: If you have been on Earth and did not recently come from somewhere else, your Mer- Ka-Ba has been dormant for 13,000 years. So it has been a very long time since your body has sensed this experience. This breathing practice will reestablish the living Mer-Ka-Ba around your

body. The practice functions much like a spinning wheel that has to be spun every so often to keep it spinning. In a Mer-Ka-Ba, however, eventually the repeated spinning begins to take on a life of its own, and at one point in the practice the spinning will continue indefinitely. But it takes time. This state of the Mer-Ka-Ba is now being called a “permanent” Mer-Ka-Ba, which means a person is what is called a conscious breather. A conscious breather is someone with a permanent Mer-Ka-Ba who is consciously aware of the Mer-Ka-Ba breath. To be clear, the daily practice that follows is a method to construct a living Mer-Ka-Ba field around your body, but the practice will someday be stopped and replaced by conscious breathing.

However, there are very definite problems that can occur if you stop doing the practice before your Mer-Ka-Ba is really permanent. Your ego may say to you, “Oh yes, I am sure that my Mer-Ka- Ba is permanent” when in fact it is not. If you stop doing the practice too early, then your Mer- Ka-Ba will stop living (or spinning) after about 47 to 48 hours. So how can you tell if it is permanent? This is very difficult for some people because when you are beginning, the energy of the Mer-Ka-Ba is very subtle. If you have been doing the Mer-Ka-Ba for more than one year and you find that you are aware of your Mer-Ka-Ba many times a day, then it is fairly certain that it is permanent. If you are in contact with your higher self and you are sure of it, then simply ask. However, one thing is also for certain: If you stop doing your practice and you find that you have not even thought of or remembered your Mer-Ka-Ba for several days, you must begin again. Once you are a conscious breather, you will remember your Mer-Ka-Ba every day.

Update 2: You will need to have a small three-dimensional physical star tetrahedron to look at. Realize that each edge of this star tetrahedron is the width of your outstretched arms from the middle finger of one hand to the middle finger of the other hand (or your height, if you prefer). So the star around you is very big. You can draw a triangle on the floor or use strings to see with your mind the actual size of your tetrahedrons.

This will help tremendously. In the Flower of Life classes they often use a full-size 3D star tetrahedron and get inside it. This really works. When you visualize your tetrahedrons, do not see them outside yourself. Do not see a small star out in front of you with you inside it. This will disconnect you from the actual field and will not create the Mer-Ka-Ba. Your mind needs to connect with the real field, so see the tetrahedrons around your body with you inside. Second, you have different options to connect your mind with your tetrahedrons. Some people can visualize them; their ability to visualize is amazing. Other people cannot visualize them, but they can feel them. Both ways are equal. To see is left-brained and male, and to feel is right brained and female. Either way works; it really does not matter. Some people use both ways at once, which is also okay.

Update 3: A mudra is a hand position. Many spiritual practices use mudras. The Tibetans and the Hindus both use them in their practices. What this does is connect your body consciously with a specific electrical circuit within your body. As you change mudras, it will connect you with a different electrical circuit.

There are eight electrical circuits in the body, coming from the eight original cells. It is hard to explain here, but it is necessary to balance only six circuits to achieve balance in all eight. It is similar to the global positioning system (GPS) system that locates a specific spot on the surface of the Earth. This system is based on the tetrahedron. If three points of the tetrahedron are known, then the fourth can be located. In the same way, if three electrical circuits are balanced, it will balance the fourth. Therefore, if six points of the star tetrahedron are balanced, the last two, located above the head and below the feet, will automatically become balanced. That is why there are only six balancing (and cleansing) breaths for the eight electrical circuits.

Update 4: Do not worry about this negative energy entering Mother Earth. She is fully able to assimilate this energy with no problem. However, if you live in a two-story building or higher, it may be necessary to do one more thing in order to be responsible. When passing through a building into a lower floor, if this energy comes in contact with other people, it will contaminate them. In order not to cause harm, the following is necessary: We have not explained psychic energy yet, so you must go on faith if you do not understand it. You must see and know that this negative energy you have emitted will not become attached to another person and will completely enter Mother Earth without causing harm. By simply thinking this thought, it will be so.

Update 5: The following refinement is optional. If it does not feel necessary, then don’t do it, and continue to use only love. Use this refinement only after you are comfortable with this practice and are no longer concentrating on how to do it. It is as follows: Replace the feeling of love that is held for all seven breaths with the following seven feelings or qualities of mind, holding them during the entire breath.

Breath 7 Love

Breath 8 Truth

Breath 9 Beauty

Breath 10 Trust

Breath 11 Harmony

Breath 12 Peace

Breath 13 Reverence for God

This pattern is necessary for entering a stargate such as the one found in Orion in the middle of the Crab Nebula. Only a person (or spirit) who is living these qualities can enter such a stargate. This pattern has a subtle field that will help you in the future. If you do not understand now, you will later.

Update 6: Because there is a sexual change taking place on Earth at this time triggered by the new light from our Sun, many people have found that their sexual polarity has changed. Since this mudra is not really important except to relax the meditator, it is now suggested that you use whichever mudra feels right for you. And if it seems to change sometimes, then change with it.

Update 7: For many years it was recommended that people breathe only from the spherical breath until they had made conscious contact with their higher self. Because the Earth has moved into a higher consciousness in the last few years, it is now recommended that you immediately continue to part four of the living Mer-Ka-Ba.

Update 8: This is one of the biggest misunderstandings people have. Not being clear that there are really three sets of tetrahedrons around the body, they simply rotate the Sun tetrahedron counterclockwise and the Earth tetrahedron clockwise. This is a mistake that does not cause any real harm, but it stops further spiritual growth. This type of Mer-Ka-Ba will take you into an overtone of the third dimension of this planet, which has been used by medicine men and women and shamans for thousands of years to gain power and to heal. It has been used even for warfare. But it leads nowhere, and it definitely will not allow you to ascend into the higher worlds that the Earth is taking us to. If you are doing this now, begin anew and start the practice as described here.

Update 9: You can also use the mudra of the interlaced fingers: Interlace your fingers, thumbs lightly touching.

Update 10: After you have created the Mer-Ka-Ba and have been doing it for about two weeks, you can do this blowing out more symbolically because your mind knows exactly what your intentions are and can achieve this step with or without this blowing out. (But if you like to do it, that is okay.)

Update 11: This is why the numbers 34/21 are used: As you know from chapter 8, these are Fibonacci numbers. All counter rotating fields in nature, such as pine cones, sunflowers etc. that have different speeds, are Fibonacci numbers. (There may be exceptions, but I am not aware of them.) That explains it on one level, but why 34/21?

Without going into a long dissertation, each chakra has a different speed ratio associated with it in this dimension. The chakra we have moved into with the fourteenth breath and are breathing from is the Christ chakra, and that is the speed ratio of that chakra. The chakra above this one is 55/34, and the one below it, the solar plexus, has a ratio of 21/13. It is not important for us to know this now, for when we reach the fourth dimension we will be given full knowledge about this subject.

Update 12: Many teachers in the world have decided to teach people to move faster than the speed of light with their Mer-Ka-Bas. This is their decision, but I feel it is extremely dangerous. Most of the higher selves of these people will not allow this to happen even if the person commands it to take place. If a person really did have the Mer-Ka-Ba moving faster than the speed of light, that person would not be visible in this world and would exist somewhere else in the universe. They would no longer live on 3D Earth. There will come a time when this will become appropriate, and it is called the 18th breath.

2. Adopt a form of Divination, examples can be tarot readings, oracle cards, crystal pendulum, and kinesiology.

3. Write down your dreams in a dream diary

By Anthony Zender

Ileana asks question to Kevin Trimmel

Yes I did a QHHT session with a hypnotherapist in December of 2012 and was able to recall a past life as a British secret service agent during the late 1800s which is one of the reasons I was tracked in this lifetime and brought back into the program. As for the recalls in the form of lucid/vivid dreams they are recurring dreams so each time I have one upon waking I try to write down as much detail as I can remember in my dream journal, then I try to organize the recalls into a timeline.

By Kevin Trimmel

Memory recall Techniques. I have distilled it to a simple system.

1. Do higher self/over soul connection meditations

2. Do heart chakra meditations

3. Reach out to your star family ask for help in recovery of soul fragments cleansed and returned and also the removal of all psychical and etheric/metaphysical implants.


Do you do any techniques to work through the SSP memory recalls to find the details about what the

memoriesmeantosortthemoutandintegratethem,oranythingelse? Didyouhaveanytypeofhypnosis

regression done or QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) in order to figure out what happened

to you while you were an SSP Asset?

My recall has come back to me in the form of vivid dreams/night terrors. I don’t really have control over

it, I tend to spontaneously remember things.





Interview 1

November 8, 2013

This is an interview with Captain Mark Richards conducted at Vacaville Prison on November 2, 2013.
This is the first time in the over 30 years of his incarceration, that any journalist has interviewed him. I was not allowed to document this face-to-face interview with camera or any recording devices or to take notes during the interview.
Everything you are about to see has been recalled from memory immediately after my meeting with him. Just prior to the interview I spoke briefly with his wife Jo Ann who also was present during the interview.
Navy Captain Mark Richards was an officer involved in the Dulce Battle as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he did not commit.
This is a classic case of the government framing someone who they feel may be turning against them from within the military.
“…When the truth was evident that sub-humans and other creatures were being produced from abducted human females, impregnated against their will, a secret resistance group formed within the military and intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government that did not approve of the deals that had been made with the ‘Off-worlders’.
Many of these brave humans would be assassinated, or “died under mysterious circumstance,” or would be silenced in other ways.
The Air Force Intelligence Officer that reportedly was the man who met with the Aliens at Holloman (Air Force Base) in 1964, was the legendary ‘Dutchman,’ Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr. – the same man who would reportedly order the attack on Dulce in 1979, and whose son, Captain Mark Richards, would lead the human attack on the facility.”

E.D.H. Earth Defense Headquarter’s
Technical Brief/Winter – 2001



KERRY CASSIDY (KC): Okay we are approaching the Vacaville Prison area and I am really so afraid that I am going to make a wrong turn and get arrested, just because of the nature of the area that we are in.
This prison borders a neighborhood. I can’t imagine somebody going, well, let’s go live right by a prison. You know, let’s raise our kids right across the street from a prison. I mean I just missed the [turn], like what a nightmare.
The street we just passed was called Butcher, and we’re talking about what do you name the streets around a prison, you know, Death Row Lane, Murders Alley.
You know, I don’t understand how they could build a prison, and the place looks just like Nazi Germany, you know, totally. So this whole notion of prisons is really a demented one in my opinion. Oh, there she is. [Kerry sees Jo Ann and gets out of the car]
I am here with Jo Ann Richards. We are here in Vacaville, and we are about to go to the Vacaville Prison. I’m trying to dress conservatively. I had to actually borrow these pants, believe it or not, because I live in jeans. I live in nothing but jeans and mini skirts.
And neither of these was loud (she points to sweater and slacks she has on) so I think I look very…

JO ANN RICHARDS (JAR): Conservative.

KC: Okay, good, and I have a big coat to cover the whole body if that becomes necessary. If I don’t look enough like a nun, then I do have that extra piece.

JAR: [laughs]

KC: So I can’t bring a recording device. We are shooting with the camera here in a parking lot of McDonald’s just to document this momentous occasion, right?

JAR: (laughs) It is. It is very momentous.

KC: Yes, and I mean I think I might be the first person ever to have interviewed him, to come to the prison.

JAR: Except for me, yes, back when I used to be a journalist, yes.

KC: Wow!

JAR: I mean we have had friends, but nobody in the journalistic capacity, so this is great.
KC: Okay.

JAR: …And we will buy a couple of picture dockets so that you can take pictures of you being there.
KC: Okay, so…

JAR: And it’s really… once you get in there, it is really not as scary as it seems.

KC: It’s very pleasant and…

JAR: It’s very pleasant and…

KC: I’m redoing my lipstick.

JAR: We just all, you know, set at our tables and eat and talk.

KC: All right. So I guess the question is, how long has your husband been in prison?
JAR: It has been 31 years since he was arrested, so 31 years minus about four or five months being out on on bail.
KC: Okay, and at this moment is there any chance of what you call parole and getting out in the future, that kind of thing?

JAR: His sentence is life without parole, so technically no. So we keep trying to think of new strategies, and we keep hoping with overcrowding that they are going to realize they need to let out the older guys, because he is 60 years old now, and that is old for prison, so…

KC: Oh, okay.

JAR: We just keep hoping somebody will think carefully…

KC: Wow.

JAR:… about their government decisions. [laughs]

KC: Okay, and is there going to be any topics that I cannot talk about, or you know, things I can’t say, or any of that kind of stuff, because [if there is] you need to tell me now.
JAR: Because you are going in person, you can probably ask him anything you want. If there is something he can’t tell you he won’t.

KC: Okay.
JAR: And he will either say I can’t tell you or he will just give us a look, like don’t ask me that. Or, because if it is going to break his U.S. secrecy oath, he won’t share that.

KC: Okay.

JAR: So I would try asking him anything you want, but just know he might have to not answer you.
KC: All right, in terms of [time], how long am I going to have with him.
JAR: So the appointment to get processed is technically 12:00, and if they are on time today, and who knows, and visiting ends at 2:00–2:30, you should have an hour-and-a-half to two hours.
KC: Okay.
JAR: It’s going to be, you know, you guys getting in touch and talking to each other, and he’s going to check you out and you are going to check him out, but just so you know, because he’s very cautious about meeting new people.

KC: Okay.
JAR: And he has to decide if he can trust you.
KC: All right.
JAR: I mean he has been fine with you and me talking all these months and all these interviews, and he’s been very, you know, happy that we have been doing that and very grateful for your support so…
KC: Okay, and again we won’t be able to record our conversation so what I have to do is remember.
JAR: Remember, right. And then hurry and go home and write a blog or something.
KC: Yes, yes, and in this case we are going maybe to try to do a video blog right afterward.

JAR: Yes.

KC: [While it is] fresh, you know.

JAR: Oh that would be great.

KC: You are going to be speaking at the UFO…

JAR: Next weekend.
KC: Next weekend.
JAR: Yes.
KC: So that’s great and I also want to ask him about his father by the way, is that okay?
JAR: Oh okay, sure.
KC: Is that forbidden?
JAR: Oh no, no. Again, the only thing that is forbidden is if it is going to break any secrecy oaths.
KC: Okay.
JAR: Otherwise he is pretty open.
KC: And just out of curiosity, has his father passed on, or is he still alive?
JAR: No he died in February of ’97 right before we met.
KC: Oh, right, okay, yes. All right. Does he have any family that visits him regularly besides you?
JAR: No.
KC: No, okay, all right. Does he want me to ask him about the case that landed him in prison, or would he rather I don’t do that?
JAR: I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you know, and especially if you help us brainstorm possibilities, strategies, legal strategies to pursue or whatever, he’s fine with that.
KC: All right. Well this is it, and I just wanted to do a quick video blog here and then we are going to go to the next step. Then when I come back, we will kind of revisit this, okay.
JAR: It’ll be fun.
KC: So, it’s very exciting. Thank you.
[time elapse]

Hi, this is Kerry Cassidy and I have just come back from interviewing Mark Richards in the Vacaville Prison, and this has been a fascinating experience I have to say.
Way over the top, I mean just amazing! A very interesting man, definitely a military man of Germanic and British background, heritage, and DNA – all that. Very, very knowledgeable about the Secret Space Program, and everything intending on that. I literally peppered him with questions nonstop.
I can tell you that, for all intents and purposes, he is exactly who he says he is.
This is what appears to be the truth. He was very, very well informed, very well read, very gracious, very astute, and answered all my questions very clearly.
There was no attempt, or at least obvious attempt at obfuscation, and I am going to just reel out the information I was given, which in some cases is kind of mind blowing and yet a validation of most of what I have been given or what I know from the eight years in Camelot.

I can just say that this is a person who really knows what he is talking about, and who is able to answer me from his own experience – very direct experience. He has been a Captain in the Navy. His father was, I guess, a high-ranking Air Force person, and also in the military.
Both of them were in the Secret Space Program.
The kind of questions I asked him had to do with getting verification on who is running the planet, what the various races are, who are visiting here, and who are interacting with humans and aligning themselves with various countries, governments, and military factions.
And so I was really asking him very high-level sophisticated kinds of questions. It wasn’t just, you know, what are the kinds of aliens, and what do they look like, although we do have some of that in there.
He made some very clear statements that I will state here. And, again, this is me going off my memory from just having been there for about two hours in conversation with him, and I didn’t have any pen or paper, was not allowed to keep notes of any kind, so everything comes off my memory.
We are doing this right now so that I will have a clear record, and so that I can also document for the public what I have just learned.
Apparently it appears that he was given an okay to release this information gradually, and I am the first person who has gone to interview him in an official capacity. There have apparently been a few visitors who are friends, who became friends with him and Jo Ann, his wife.
But for all intents and purposes this is the very first time he has been interviewed in this way and for the purpose of release to the public.
I can say that he talked about races of ETs that he dealt with directly through the years and they involve first and foremost what he calls the Raptors and the Raptor race being a group who look like the Velociraptors to some degree, and I guess maybe they are even descended from them.
They consider the earth theirs, that they are an indigenous species to the earth and that they really did die out.
Actually they left during the end of the dinosaur era, but then some survived and they returned apparently, and they are interacting very directly with our military. They have a joint base and joint operations going on, or had in the Falklands, and a current, I believe, base down there. They are a species that, you know, really do look like the pictures of them, like in Jurassic Park.
They love our luxury items. I was told that they also love cars, luxury cars and things like that. They have a set of family values. Their first approach to us was back in, if I remember correctly, 1951 give or take, and that their interaction was initially sort of negative with our race.
But once they established relationships, we have become, I guess, tacit colleagues.
They call us allies, human allies. However their initial impulse is to eat humans, and they still can do so at any given point if they get mad or whatever.
I was given an example that somebody could be having a friendly relationship, you know, talking with them but if they got angry, they could turn around and eat the kid, you know, that they liked to eat humans. But when you get in these military relationships with them they refrain, the way you could imagine a vampire might refrain. In other words, they still have the capacity, but they refrain from exercising it.
So they have been establishing and evolving over the last 40 or 50 years, or whatever it is, their relationship with the humans. They have a very close relationship with Mark Richards actually, who seems to have a very good friend who is among them.
What he did describe was relationships as they exist between military and various alien races are not uniform. In other words they have some individuals or actually factions within each group that may be more predisposed to be favorable toward humans, and then others that are less so, even within the same races.
I did ask him about overall agendas for each group. There are two races of Reptilians – actually there are many more races of Reptilians – but there are two major races of reptilians that are antagonistic toward humans and that want to take over the earth, take back the earth for their own.
They do consider that they own the earth, and also are battling with the Raptor race for ownership of the earth.
The humans are helping the Raptors and the Raptor race is helping the humans to battle these reptilian races, these two races that both have differing agendas but more or less have to do with taking back the earth.
One group of reptilians is more humanoid, standing on their legs and so on and is more human-like, and has even lost, over time, their tail and so on and so forth. And then there is another race that is like a more traditional reptoid looking race with tails. And neither group is positively oriented toward humans for the most part.
There is a group of Draco. They have the wings. We know of them as the Ciakars. We didn’t get a lot of time to discuss that but he did talk about them being a different race altogether.
and then there are, in other words, so many different races that are operational here, and that are coming in and out of the planet, even though our atmosphere is very hard for many of them to deal with, for the most part.
He did agree that the Terra farming of the planet, as I have stated in Camelot numerous times, with the methane and the Fukushima disaster involving radiation, is an effort to make the planet more amenable to certain races of beings, including the Reptilians so that they can be in our atmosphere more easily.
That is the agenda. That is one of the agendas.

The other, and I know I’m going to be jumping around because I have to grab my memory from all the different areas that we talked about, but basically what is happening is that they are terra farming this planet. And they are looking to take the radiation to create a Humanity 2.0.

They are looking for mutants, just as the X-men movie states. In other words radiation can cause mutations that can be positive mutations for a race of beings, and that’s what they are hoping to land on, is some more superpowers access from that. Certainly I think being able to travel in space more easily is an example, as one can better withstand radiation.
We talked about so many things I’m just going to fire, you know, like a shotgun kind of thing here, because it was really quite substantial.
I mean I barely gave him any time to breathe because I was asking him things just like that [snaps fingers]. And at no point did he ever hesitate, and when he didn’t know something he was clear. If I said something that was too general, he asked me to be more specific.
We did have a good rapport and were easily able to talk to each other. He comes from a Germanic-English background. He has blue eyes and light skin and looks fairly Germanic. He was definitely a high-ranking officer in the Secret Space Program.
He was framed. The murder actually happened when he wasn’t even here. He was on an assignment and had just come back and was having a meal with his mother when the actual, I guess, thing occurred.
But, for all intents and purposes he was not able to defend himself because he was away on a mission during the time when the plotting was supposed to be going on, along with all the other things he was accused of. And, certainly you can’t use your secret mission as a defense in a proceeding of this nature, because it violates the security oath for one thing, and for another thing, no one would believe him.
Okay, so there are also… we talked about the Greys. We talked about Dulce, the Dulce battle.

He talked about violence as being a real last resort. He said in some ways they were kind of young and naïve back in those days during the Dulce battle, that they went in and it was supposed to be a friendly threat, rather than an overt threat, or a down-and-out battle.
But it devolved into a battle because they simply didn’t know how to handle it, and [they] ended up having to kill a number of the Greys, etcetera, in order to try to free the humans that were being experimented on there.
He agreed with me. He said that they were sent in by Carter, and that prior to that, I questioned him about Eisenhower and that witness that is out there talking about how they went in to invade during the Eisenhower administration. He said Eisenhower wanted the place nuked. And in fact, nuking is one of the ways that they do go in and that they are fighting battles.

He talked about the fact that there was… Sean David Morton has a whistleblower that he wrote a book about, and so I was curious whether that whistleblower’s testimony was correct, and basically it apparently is.
There was, or is, an alien who runs that place who is not a Grey. Most of the Greys are clones he said.
They use these interdimensional gates that require them to dematerialize, and when they rematerialize on the other end, they are not the same beings, and the humans can do the same thing, but that they hesitate, and most of them, like even Mark himself, will not go through certain kinds of gates that require them to dematerialize because when they reappear on the other side, they basically have to die to show up there.
They do show up in their human form with all their memories intact, etcetera, but they are not the same exact being as the one who left there. It’s a duplicate, so to speak.
And if they come back and they cross back over, they again have to die, dematerialize, and rematerialize, again in the same configuration which we have, but he said it’s very detrimental. There tends to be a degrading process that goes on in those kind of gates, and that he declined to use them as a result.

He said the Greys use them, however, all the time, and that is part of the reason that their race is so devolved on certain physical levels, and he says it also affects the mental capacity.

He does say that he himself was augmented. I asked him if his intelligence was augmented in other capacities. He alluded to the fact that, yes, he has been augmented, as many of the Secret Space Program military have been. And this is the case with most of the people I have talked to, who are part of that program, especially on the more secret side, and this is even before the days of what we call supersoldiers.
He said that there is a great deal of truth in the supersoldier story involving augmentation and what I call robotic supermen, and he verified that that is their agenda. That is being carried out. And he thinks that the Nano is the most dangerous side of that. He said he had had direct experience with the Nano, although we didn’t have time to talk about in what way.
Okay, so I was very interested in knowing who is running planet Earth and the bottom line, he said, is no one is running planet Earth.
And the reason is because they are all, more or less, at war with each other within the various races of ETs that are visiting here, some of whom believe they own the planet as well as the humans.
In other words, just as each of our countries has a different agenda, this is what we have on the alien side of things also. And he said if anything, it is more complex than the human relations here on planet earth politically and otherwise.
But we did talk about Zecharia Sitchin, the Anunnaki, the conception of the humanoid, very tall beings that are depicted on the temples and he verified that those beings did indeed look like that or do. And he did not seem certain as to whether people or beings like Enki or Enlil are still alive and whether or not they would be returning at this time.
We did talk about the return of Marduk. He indicated that there is some possibility that there is some truth there, but again that they don’t run the earth. Maybe they want to be running it, but they are not.
He did say that the group in Sumer was Reptilian however, that they looked Reptilian, and that they are related to the ones who are actually running the Vatican at this time, which he did verify is a group of Reptilians.
I talked about one of the significant areas that I had put out there that I had tapped into on a psychic level, which had to do with Obama during the so-called coronation or whatever they call it, of the new Pope, who is indeed a Nazi, and therefore the Nazis have a relationship even through DNA to the Reptilian factions.
He said that indeed when Obama went to pay homage to Israel, that underground in Dimona is where the base of the Anunnaki is, what we know of as these humanoid Anunnaki, from what I understood. And that indeed Biden went to pay respects to the new Pope as sort of a nod to that, but basically a statement by the United States, in essence, saying that we are not going to necessarily bow down to the Nazi contingent that is running the Vatican.
He did talk very specifically… we talked about some new information that I had gotten recently having to do with the Chinese and where the Chinese are at.
He agreed that the Chinese are dealing with a new race of beings who are giving them new technology, and I’ve been told that they want to, in essence, run the world, but he did not feel that they are taking over the financial system, contrary to some reports I was getting lately.
He does not feel that they are… he had not heard that there was a contingent of Elders who had gone to try to make a deal in Britain, basically sidelining the Rothschilds and the Bushes, the Bush Cabal.
He said that the Chinese were not going to be running the financial system from what he knows, and that they were barely making it. He said that actually they are going to be hard-pressed in the next five years to keep themselves going.
He thinks that they are going to have a civil war, that the people, the Chinese people are actually in rebellion against their leaders in China and that there is going to be a civil war as the result.
I did ask him that if, as I felt, the Secret Space Program is run for the most part by the U.S. human’s military, and he agreed that that was for the most part the case.
But he did say that they had been very much beleaguered financially by the problems that have been happening here on planet Earth. And that money as the medium of exchange does seem to interrupt or dampen their ability to do the kinds of things for the sake of the Secret Space Program they would like to be doing, and it has dampened some of their strength on a certain level.
Obviously the Secret Space Program is worked in connection with various alien groups, and we talked about which groups are out there, which groups are aligned positively with the humans, and which are not.
We talked about what is known as the Galactic Federation. We also talked about another group that is called the Collective, and we talked about, as I said, the Reptilians and the Raptors.
So it seems to be divided into those kind of groups in terms of factions, at least the ones you can address without going into so much detail as to all the different races beyond that.
And there are groups also that go interdimensionally. We didn’t have time to talk about all that, but apparently there are many different kinds of gates here, stargates on the planet, some of which are natural stargates that involve vortices and some that you can use go to the Moon and Mars.
He said the most easy thing to transport is material items, more so than physical beings, but that you can definitely take the gates, and that he and his father both took gates on a regular basis between here and the Moon and Mars.
I asked him if it degraded, you know, if it was a problem physically to take a gate because I remember that Henry Deacon had talked about, and complains of some of his health problems as the result of using the gates, and he did say that that was one of the results.
Let’s see, there’s so much and I am going to try to grasp it as quickly as I can. He talked about Eisenhower meeting just as it is in the public domain with the groups of aliens. We talked about Nordics from Orion. I had a theory that not all the Nordics are so friendly to our agenda but certainly there are some Nordics that are.
He did say that the Pleiadians and Nordics are different races and that they look different. He said the one way you could tell is that the Nordics actually have white blond hair and some other different physicalities, but the Pleiadians have hair my color (golden blond).
He said that he didn’t know anything about the Billy Meier story. I asked him about that.
We talked about the AI (artificial intelligence). I asked him if there was an AI running earth. He said that there is not. However, there is a lot of danger from AI. It is one of our biggest so-called potential enemies, are the various races that have AI. He also talked about the humans that are now walking around that have been taken over by AI.
He talked about the fact that we are protected here on the planet Earth. He said we were like [what] Israel is to the rest of the world, in a sense that they have their protectors who keep them alive, but some of their protectors are not necessarily their friends. It’s like a tacit peace in which they acknowledge that they can’t just get rid of all the human race, because they will bring war down upon themselves, so they have a tacit truce, if you will, to allow humanity to be on the planet.
He said that if it wasn’t for the fighting between the races that are here and visiting, with various agendas, that humanity wouldn’t have lived this long on this planet, because there are a lot of them who would like to do away with humanity altogether.
So it’s like the fighting, you know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing.
He talked about why is there secrecy and the fact that all the races, including the humans, are in complete agreement that the secrecy has to continue because humanity is not ready to deal with the reality of the ET presence. And that has nothing to do with what the various ET races look like; we could handle what they look like. What we can’t handle is how they act, in other words the fact that they want to eat us.
There are a number of those races out there that basically want to eat us for dinner, and so that mentality, of going out and dealing with these races and knowing that any moment they want to eat you, was something that humanity couldn’t handle.
I asked him about the Battle of LA. For example, there were kind of some small antidotal things that I asked him, like details. I wanted to know what race of beings were at the Battle of LA [and what they] had to do with [it].
He said that the Japanese are dealing with various races of ETs, and indeed various countries have various relationships with different groups of ETs. So this further makes more of a complexity in the international relations, as I’ve always known, although very few people out there seem to realize that or deal with that.
In other words, we have governments. The governments do not act alone. They act in concert with the various ET races that they have alignments with and those agendas, whatever the agendas happen to be.
And he said that the Japanese were dealing with a couple different races, and that they have been through the last four thousand years or more.
We talked about the battle in the Pacific, and the underground bases of the various ETs there. He validated that. He said the Navy is indeed at war with a group of Reptilians, and what are in essence Reptilians with undersea bases in the Pacific Rim, and that they have nuked a number of them.
They nuked an Island off of LA, which is called something like LA Island, and that most people don’t even know that, and it is [only] 200 miles from LA.
He said nuclear power was really useless in space, completely antiquated technology, that it really did no good, and it wasn’t useful for anything except occasionally here on earth to use as a weapon or in space to basically, he said, shoot into an asteroid to then blow up a passing ship that they want to destroy.
That is what he said is how it was used. But he said it was very crude, a very crude method to even do that.
So in other words things like particle beam weapons and scalar weapons were far in advance of the kinds of nuclear technology. But obviously the nukes or nuclear technology are useful here on Earth to change the environment into a high radiation environment so that we would in essence mutate into having various powers that except… [cut away].
I didn’t get a chance to ask him about Phobos, which I wanted to, but I talked to him about Solar Warden. He said Solar Warden is this inner planet [group]. It’s part of our solar system. It’s a group of guardians who are going around monitoring incoming and outgoing craft and races.
He does know something about Ison and the beams that are coming as part of Ison, and he is going to try to get that information to me in as best a way he can. And, he clearly knows a tremendous amount. It is just quite amazing. He just didn’t even hesitate.
He talked about the cutting edge of having technology as a race, and being a space-faring race is all about having an ability to tap into what he called a black star. And a black star can then become a black hole; that’s where they get their technology. There is a huge source of power there that the races use to power the spacecraft and to use what he called warp drive, to have the ability to warp-jump in that Star Trek way.
He said that humans do have that technology, but only because they have been given it or have stolen it by getting it from certain craft that are drifting around out [in space].
In other words, the occupants are gone, but this is a craft that has that technology. And they are still trying to reverse engineer certain kinds of spacecraft that they use in concert with the races that they are partners with, I guess, so to speak.
That is technology that gives them access to the black star technology, but they don’t own it for themselves yet, so that is a big inhibiting factor to being able to rule space the way they would like to, or have any kind of dominance out there without the help of their alliances with these races.
Most Greys are clones. I kind of got off the subject when I was talking about Dulce, but their one being who is running Dulce was at least from a far off star system, and he is highly intelligent and a different being than the Greys. I asked him if he was a Zeta Reticuli. He seemed to think that he might have been from another race altogether. And so this is the playing field.
He said the Rothschilds had less dominance than commonly thought, although they do have a position in terms of the power structure. And obviously, you know, the Bushes are players, etcetera.
He did say that you would not find a documented record of the Bush family lineage DNA-wise anywhere, because it contains Reptilian DNA. But, they are not shapeshifters, contrary to what people think, but in their DNA is absolutely Reptilian DNA.
They don’t go to regular hospitals, and there is a reason for that. And the Nazis the same thing, that there is a bloodline that has to do with the Reptilian DNA that is in the Nazi line.

The two main Reptilian species that he was discussing, he said, don’t get along with each other so much. Each one considers the other lesser than themselves, although they have the same agenda, but it’s to exclusion of each other. So again, that kind of animosity works for us and the Raptors.
He has had a great deal of dealings with the Raptors it appears, from not only having friends among the Raptor species, specific friends, to having been discovered when he was a child in Marin County where there was a crash of the spacecraft that was taken down by a group of incoming Raptor craft.
Actually it was his wife, Jo Ann, who said he had a scar from a blood brother relationship with the Raptors that was made when he was a little child, a little baby in fact, right after he was born.
He talked about the Raptors being able to speak English or any language they wanted, but their vocal cords had to be slightly altered so that they could communicate using voices like we do, and that they could then communicate using our language.
But lots of the Raptors who are not on the high levels of the military and the Raptor society don’t have that alteration, so they have to use things like sign signals. He said that they are slightly telepathic but not all that telepathic.
I ask him if indeed he had some augmentation or abilities in that area, and he seems to have that. He did allude to the fact that his physicality being what it is, although he does have physical problems as he is hitting 60 years old or more, that in his current capacity if he didn’t have that augmentation, he probably would not have survived 30 years of prison just physically.
So whatever that means, it sounds quite interesting in what it really means in terms of his dealings with his fellow inmates, so to speak. Let’s see, what else. I’m trying to think in terms of anything else I can remember. I ask him where the gates were, you know, and I named De Menwith Hill and Dimona, and he named another part of Israel that had a gate.
He said there were gates in the mountain ranges between Pakistan and Afghanistan and that [area] was riddled with gates along there. And there are a number of gates, and I believe these are natural gates, between Iraq and Iran. And of course being that there are battles over these gates, we make sure to try to have command of them.
In essence, I mean if you were to sum up everything that he said, he was basically talking about this kind of being… actually it sounds like a mess here on earth. There are so many different agendas in operation for these various races of ETs and there are so many of them and they are all dealing with the various militaries, that it is really hard to separate things out and talk about them. He said you can’t make a blanket statement for all one race anymore than you can for one country so to speak.
Let’s see, he talked about why he ended up in jail, why they framed him particularly.
He said he had become disenchanted with his job in the military. He is not aligned with the Nazi agenda and he is not happy with the obvious experimentation that is going on by various races on humanity. And that it also sounds like he didn’t like any kind of blanket murder of the ET races, even if they were our enemies to some degree.
He had liaisons with Russian women, interpersonal relations, as well as a head of French Intelligence, apparently a woman.
And those alliances, although he fed information and reported on them regularly, etcetera, as an officer, he said that that made him a threat in our military in such a way that they became worried that he would become a whistleblower.
And so this is why they arranged to frame him, that he was vocal about his disagreement with some of the agendas that he was asked to be a part of and that this became more problematic. His father, however, was more aligned with what you might call the standard New World Order mission to some degree, at least throughout his life because he was brought up with that perspective more so than Mark.
Let’s see what else, I’m trying to think about any other areas that we talked about, and I may have to just wait for my memory to come back in certain things because I’m just trying to get everything. He said he had had a lot of dealings with the Vatican, and I guess the races of Reptilians under the Vatican.
Oh, he said John Paul, the death of John Paul I back in, I think it was the ’60s or ’70s [1978], whenever he was killed, that that was a killing. He just didn’t die. He was killed, as many people have suspected.
He said in 1979 the Vatican went through a drastic change, and there was some kind of… it wasn’t clear. I didn’t get a clear answer and wasn’t able to really delve down into it too far because our time was getting shorter and shorter.
But he said that in 1979 a lot of people don’t realize it, but there was a massive change. It sounded like it was earthwide, but it was also specifically to do with the Vatican and a power struggle within the Vatican.
Well I talked about the financial system and again, you know, was it true that the Chinese were actually going to be able to take it over, and he said no, that he hadn’t heard anything like that. He is tuned in and has contacts on the outside. He is in communication regularly with people who are on a high level.
I talked about being at the Bilderberg Event, you know the Fringe Event, the demonstration where I spoke and so on, and he said that he has a relationship with various members of the Bilderbergs.
Let’s see, what else? Oh he said the idea of shapeshifting, a lot like you know what David Icke talks about is really not very accurate. There are very few races that ever have the ability to shapeshift, that it’s more, I guess, a DNA thing, a bloodline thing.
But that there are races, he said, that will materialize here or they will use an android body that looks very human and then they will manipulate it from a distance using an AI.
I think from what I understand the Andromedans… first of all he said there were hundreds of races of Andromedans, so, you know, you couldn’t just couldn’t call one group the Andromedans, and that they all have different agendas. [0:49:10]
We talked about the Praying Mantis people as well. He said they had lost power over the last 50 years, that group, but that they were initially favorable toward humans, and now they may be more broken up. The Praying Mantis people had some kind of civil war within their factions.
He said that initially the Praying Mantis group was favorable to humans and were our allies, but that has changed over time.
They are still, I guess, predominantly our allies, although I think that there are breakups within their faction so that you don’t know who you are dealing with. And this is true, he said, also within the Reptilian groups. The Greys definitely are at the beck and call of the Reptilians he said.
He said that one of the reasons he is talking to me, or can talk to me is that they know that because he is a prisoner, he’s a felon – a convicted felon, or whatever you call that – that nobody will believe him. And so this is their way of feeding information out to the public in one way.
But in the other way their plausible deniability is substantial because if I say, as I am saying, all the things he said, people will not believe the source, will not believe him because he has been in prison for a murder charge, even if it is trumped up for the last 30 years.
So they feel safe in that way, but at the same time they want to get information out, just as he said the movies are being used for this purpose as well, movies and television, that they are trying to wake humanity up to some degree. Although, you know, they want to keep the lid on certain things.
He talked about crash retrievals. He was part of crash retrievals on a regular basis. He said the United States is still going out around the world paying off certain governments. For example, I mentioned South Africa and various African countries where crashes are happening.
The U.S. Military or Secret Space Program will go in right away, try to be the first ones on the scene, and their job is to get that technology at whatever cost. They will kill locals, or whatever they have to do in order to get that technology. So that’s their mission. That’s what they are being told to do, and he was part of some of those missions. So recovering technology is still key.
I’m trying to think about anything else I might have asked him about.
I asked him about the black nano oil in the Falklands. He said he had heard about that but even though he was part of the battle in the Falklands, he was not exposed directly to that so he doesn’t know anything much about it.
He is highly knowledgeable and he has flown many spacecraft, interstellar types of craft, he, and his father. His father was, I guess, a fighter pilot in World War II. In fact, he has a Nazi bloodline. He has people that he was fighting, he and his father, or his father was fighting against that are members of the Nazis, or were.
Oh, and I talked to him about the time travelers, actually the Nazi technology for time travel that in essence came out of the Bell, and they have had that technology since the ’40s. They do have a way to go over to the other side, the parallel earth, bring back Nazis or even other beings, you know, humans such as my whistleblower said.
I talked about this in my Time Travel Conference from a whistleblower that I have. And he did say there are many operations that involve time travel, and that [there are] many ways in which they can bring, you know, back the human, in other words, make them younger.
They are working on all these aspects of it so that he’s met with Nazis who are made younger in this way.
He himself has dealt with them so he validated that information, which was fascinating, and said that you can’t always tell where the person who we knew in history, what means they used to bring them back, whether they crossed over from what we call the parallel earth, or whether it was this technique to reduce your age, and then augment you, etcetera, and have you live a very long life. He did there are many different ways that could be done, and so any particular individual could have used a part of whatever program.
We talked about Area 51 containing a gate. He said Los Alamos, just as we thought, contains a gate and basically places in the Southwest of the United States. As I said, Menwith Hill, and Dimona. He said Australia was a very strong area, Outback of Australia. Oh, this is gone. I think we are about to lose the battery.
I think the battery has gone out. Looks like we are still broadcasting, but I’m not sure. Is that on?

Unidentified Person: Um hum.

KC: Is this on? Okay, he said that Australia, out in the desserts of Australia, has a number of gates that people use and especially the U.S. Military use.
He said there are things he can’t tell me that absolutely have to do with whether he would be killed or not and whether his family members would be killed. So he has a select group of information that he can, I guess, reply to, but there is also a very select group of information he cannot acknowledge that he knows or talk about.
I think I’m running out of information at this point so we can stop and I will try to think of some more. Okay, thank you.
[Later driving in car]

The prison outside looks like literally from the Nazi era, but its bordered by these neighborhoods with kids, and I mean people live right next door to the prison. It is unbelievable to me that they would want to live there, but maybe they have to live there. I’m not sure why.
But anyway the prison inside, when you go to meet with the prisoners, is not anything like the movies, in this case at least. You know it is not all lined up with tables and chairs where people sit opposite each other and have conversations and can’t touch and all this.
People are hugging each other and sitting next to each other really close, couples and babies, and little children all running around.
There are paintings on the wall, murals that the prisoners have made with jungle scenes and animals, you know, it looks kind of like a playroom. And it has little tables and chairs and everything is a little bit small like it was borrowed from a school. Everyone is eating from vending machines.
They have a microwave and they are making popcorn, so it is not really an awful experience. That part is very human, you might say.
Although there are guards and everything, they don’t get into your face. They are not standing over you. I guess their high-powered cameras are documenting everything they can hear you say, but we were able to talk quite quietly, and there was a huge amount of noise because everyone is talking at once to their spouses and all that kind of thing.
We were there for two hours or more. We were delayed because he said that there was some kind of delay. He didn’t know if it had to do with them trying to delay him or not, but more delay than usual in bringing him out to see us. And that was interesting.
You know, we basically had to sit in these little chairs kind of hunched over talking to each other, the three of us – me, Jo Ann his wife, and him. He ate a salad from a vending machine that she got for him while he was talking to me. I could have eaten something. I just drank water. Jo Ann made popcorn in the microwave and ate it.
Let me see if there is anything I am thinking of. When I first got there I described Camelot a little more to him. He seemed to know something about Camelot. And I have to say, he definitely has his sources of information, like people that he is getting his information from.
He definitely talked about dear friends in the military and so on, and actually Jo Ann told me that the guards are not able to – they try once in a while to catch these people and get them in trouble and stuff – but he’s very… he’s kind of like that Germanic strong no-nonsense kind of guy.
He’s not a joker. He is very intellectual, kind of an intellectual physique, although you could see that he was probably stronger when he was younger. He is still strong though. Looks strong. But he is definitely sort of a no-nonsense kind of guy.
We weren’t making jokes and all that kind of thing. He is not like that at all.
He said the guards tried to call him hunk or something, and because he is a Captain, and maybe I guess a Major in the military, he insists on being treated with respect by the guards. And he outranks them Jo Ann said, so they are supposed to treat him with respect. And he insists upon it, and I’m not sure what that manifests into or whatever.
She said that she feels protected, but that people have been following her. They are often following her, she thinks, not to spy on her but to protect her, because he insists upon it. Maybe it is part of his deal in incarceration.
Their house gets broken into every single time she leaves it, like for a trip to go to a speaking engagement, but the authorities, the military is always in evidence of having snuck in; they try to cover their traces but they don’t do it very well.
So she is aware that they are always going through her stuff. She talked about being on the Tour, I guess the Glastonbury Tour, when she went to England to speak recently.
There was a man dressed in black from head to toe standing there with a camera looking very out of place, not fitting in, but basically there on the job to watch her. I think he was not a good guy.

He said something intriguing to me when I was about to leave, that was something about he could tell me more about Camelot. So I didn’t know what he was meaning about that, and I’m thinking that maybe he is talking about King Arthur’s Camelot or in the relationship, but I don’t really know what he is talking about exactly. Maybe even about this, or my Project, I don’t know.
In the meeting with Eisenhower off the airbase, I forget what it is called, Muroc or whatever they call it, Edwards, he said there were three groups of aliens.
One was called, he said one was called, I want to say the Gargoyles, but that’s not what he called them. He called them something like the Ghouls, or something, that they have a name that sounds kind of like… (Goblins) they make a joke about this race of beings. They were there and, I guess, the Nordics and the Reptilians. That’s who was there.
There was one point when he said people should be paying more attention to, you know, what I was talking about humanity 2.0 and their efforts in that direction… In essence he was saying that people should put more energy toward that and less maybe toward outer space, you know, the kind of cute little alien stories than they do, because there is a lot going on, on planet Earth here I guess, where they are really trying to manipulate the humans so to speak, and that is something that needs to be investigated and paid more attention to.
I mean he definitely talked about going to the Moon and Mars like [it was] a normal thing.
He also talked about going to the moons, like moons of… Titan, he named, and other moons. And he said that we are out in space doing space mining, so to speak.
I wanted to know about the gold. Because recently somebody was telling me, Oh, you know the Chinese have more gold than anyone else.
Actually that is not true according to him.
He says that we are bringing gold and silver in from other planets, and that they come from all different other planets, but we are not the only ones with gold and silver, and that we are bringing gold and silver onto the planet. Obviously the Secret Space uses that to basically be in charge of the world.
He also said that the whole idea of having an empire is the most common configuration or model in space for a race to rule, that commandeering resources and some form of money. He said there is always some form of exchange regardless of what it might be with most other races.
He said that our Oort cloud of asteroids surrounding us makes us a very difficult place to get to without using a gate, in other words, if you want to fly here using spacecraft.
And that because of that, the Earth was quite a protected zone in a certain way, that alien races had trouble getting here using craft, and that they had to be quite advanced to get here, like their space travel.
He said there was no second Sun. He said we might have been a binary system a while ago, but that to his knowledge, and he has been out there, he says to quote him, we do not have a second Sun. We only have one Sun… and they have to be very careful about not igniting Jupiter into a second sun, which is the same thing Boriska said by the way.

That validates Boriska’s information.

He knows a lot about propulsion systems and I guess free energy and all that. But he seemed to say that using that black star as a… oh, he talked about black stars being a source of neutrinos, and that neutrinos were the best source of fuel for getting around the solar system, and again going warp.
He has flown all kinds of craft. He has flown experimental craft that then became part of the Secret Space Program. He said that there is distortion in the Star Trek version, that people tend to believe too much of that. He did also refer to himself, however, as a Captain Kirk character.
That, that in essence was his job, the same job as the one Captain Kirk has, in other words, leading the space fleet.
I got the impression that both he and Jo Ann are having ongoing relationships and communications with at least the Raptors, if not other races as well.
He said he was placed in prison, he believes, by a certain group of Reptilians in concert with some humans who don’t like him and trust him. I think maybe in essence the kind of Wolfowitz-Cheney contingent is among those who are not his friends.
He talked about human women being extremely desirable to off-planet races. Reptilians and Raptors can mate with human women and create offspring who are then hybrid. They look human for the most part, but that they have to be assisted, and I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but they have to be assisted someway.
They consider it a big deal to be with a human woman, and that lots of races, it sounded like he was saying lots of races [felt that way]…
He talked about Göbekli Tepe, the new discovery in Turkey, and he said that that was showing or had a very strong connection to Sirius, the races from Sirius, that they were dogs, he called them Canan-ites or Cannites (something like that) and that they looked like dogs basically, standing up on their hind feet, and that they had been dealing with [them] coming here for eons.

He also talked about the cat people, the same thing.

He talked about the Egyptians. He said that they were dealing with all the different races coming here and that they were on a pretty sophisticated level for the 2000 years that their civilization was in operation, I think it was 2000 years.
He said he was involved with this Island called Saint George an island down by the Falklands, I think it is down there. He said there is a major, I guess, base of some kind going on there, and I think that might be where the Raptors are as well.
He definitely was talking about wars taking place over the last 50 years between all the different races, including happening here on earth, or part of it.
He also said that various factions of the military, for example, the Air Force has been dealing with, I think he said the Raptors, for a super long time and therefore the Navy, if I have got this right, doesn’t trust them all that much. In other words the different factions, because I was asking him, it has been known to Camelot that the various divisions of the military don’t necessarily trust each other, and because they are aligned with different groups of ETs, and I asked him if he could verify that.

He did. That indeed is the case.

He said that they definitely have undersea bases. He said that Catalina was a base that was ours but it really belongs to an ET group, and that we are the “security guards” he said for the Catalina base.
He stressed that various races really like our luxury items. Specifically he then said you’d be surprised what a group of beings would do for some chocolate, and he said that, and it almost sounded a little sinister.
And along those lines he did say the earth is a very… he didn’t just say Earth, but he said our entire solar system is very well positioned on the Milky Way Galaxy.

It’s a very desirable location apparently to other races. It is a highly contested area, and of course Earth itself is, partly because of all the goodies – I think he even called it goodies – it contained, presumably the humans being among one of the goodies that he was talking about.

So he said, you know, that is part of the issue.
He said his bloodline is the Stewart family in England, but that he also comes from a Scottish division of that group, and also has a very strong German part of his bloodline that is linked to the Hapsburgs.
One of his relatives is involved with one of the Hapsburg Princesses, and what that does is validate the level he achieved in the military as well, because obviously they are promoting those bloodlines.
The reason that you don’t see these gigantic craft taking off from earth to go out into space is because they can transport physical material very easily through a gate, and so then they can use small craft to just take, I guess, small teams out there. And so that’s why there are not so many big craft, or that they don’t have to worry about hiding big craft.
And he said they could go as far as Moon and Mars. He said after that it gets, what he called, dicey to try transporting things, meaning through the gates. And that does coincide a bit with what Dan Burisch had said.
Dan Burisch had referenced early on the gates as being used to move materials through and Dan Burisch said there was limitation. First of all he said that humans couldn’t go through the gate, which is not true.
I just remembered that he said he was part of Project Moon Dust. He called it Operation Moon Dust, and that was a crash retrieval program for recovering technology, as we know, and which is documented out there.
But the interesting thing about that is that I wrote a screenplay years ago before Project Camelot and I named it Project Moon Dust, because I had seen the name Moon Dust out there. It’s just a synchronicity.
He also talked about Robots. In other words that one of the biggest threats we have is possible incoming races of Robots, obviously running on an AI interface that would look humanoid. I guess like Battlestar Galactica. He said that’s a real possibility. But they may not look humanoid; that’s also a possibility.

And another big threat, he said, was AI in general, that that was a big danger. And Nano, he said, that was the other big danger to humanity is Nano. And he said he had direct experience with that.
There were some things I wanted to remember that he said…[Kerry shakes her head and voice drifts off…] …I can’t remember …it will come to me…
NOTE: Total Recall: My Interview with Captain Mark Richards A Project Camelot Production Directed by Kerry Lynn Cassidy Shot on location and edited by Neil Anthony Sanford And Kerry Cassidy November 2, 2013




Feeling lost? Deja ‘Vue ?

Multiple Realities encompass,

  • Parallel Realities

  • Alternate Realities

  • Multidimensional Realities

Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities.

On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.

Because planet Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions, Her Parallel/Alternate Realities are also traversing into different frequencies of form. Hence, Parallel and Alternate realities are blurring into a similar pattern of ever transmuting versions of life.

Let me give you a brief description of each type of reality.

To make this description simpler I will title the reality in which you are reading this message as your Base-Line Reality.

Parallel Reality

A Parallel Reality is created every time you make an important either/or decision that has the possibility of changing your life.

For example, if you choose to leave a certain job, there will be a Parallel Reality in which you keep that job. Your Primary Point of Perception – the YOU to whom I am speaking – may not know about this Parallel reality, but your Multidimensional Soul does.

Your Multidimensional Soul has taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and wants to experience every possible option for every experience.

As your consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to easily compute both your Base-Line Realities and all the Parallel Realities that shoot out whenever you make an either/or decision.

In this manner, you can have optimum learning from every experience and share your Parallel Realities with Source.

While our Base-Line Reality is the physical world, you will be unconscious of the fact that every possible versions of any given reality was lived out in a Parallel or Alternate Reality. Also, there is a difference between Parallel and Alternate Realities. Your personality in your Parallel Realities is similar to your personality in your Base-Line Reality.

On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you explore alternate types of personality in similar situations as your Base-Line Reality. Therefore, your Alternate Realities are comparable to your Base-Line Reality but YOU are undergoing the same situation through the viewpoint of a different personality.

In this manner, you can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of your Divine Qualities within similar, yet slightly different, situations.

As your primary consciousness expands into the upper fourth and lowest fifth dimension, Parallel and Alternate Realities often “bleed through” into your Base-Line Reality.

In this manner, your Parallel and Alternate Realities converge into the ever-expanding Oneness of your ego self who is merging into your Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, when your point of perception rises into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able to preview all the Parallel and Alternate Realities of your third/fourth dimensional self. Consequently, you will be able to gain the most information and learning from your time in lower worlds.

From the perspective of your Higher Dimensional Expression you will be able to view your many manifestations of SELF without judgment.

One of the reasons why you choose NOT to be aware of your Parallel and Alternate Realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for self-judgment. This self-judgment would greatly hinder your ascension process. Thus, most ascending ones choose to limit the perception of their other realities to those that they believe they can use and/or heal.

I am giving you this information now so that you will have a more in-depth understanding of your myriad multiple realities.

Then, you can more easily follow the journey of Mytre and Mytria as they experience their Multiple Realities. They share their experiences with you so that you can more easily piece together the many versions of your complicated, polarized reality.

Your 3D Blinders are coming off now. If you do not prepare yourself for your true world, you could become so overwhelmed that you may limit or halt your ascension.

Furthermore, it is often easier to understand another’s experience than it is to understand your own. By learning love and compassion about the challenges of others, you organically learn to be more loving and compassionate regarding your own challenges.

Perhaps Mytre and Mytria are finally ready to complete their preparation for merging…


Mytria and I “prepared” for our merging by intimately communicating with our minds, our hearts and our bodies.

We had been apart more than we had been together, but our time together had sent both of our lives deeply into our Paths of Ascension. We made love again and again, and each time we merged our bodies more into Oneness. Then, we had an experience neither of us had ever felt.

We seemed to fall asleep, but we “woke up” together in a world that neither of us had ever consciously experienced.

At first, it felt as though we were in a thick fog. However, the fog was not cold, hot or damp. In fact, the fog seemed to twinkle with minute particles of light that appeared to blink on and off. We could only vaguely see each other, so we held hands tightly as we wandered through the twinkling fog.

There appeared to be gravity and solid ground beneath us.

However, the gravity was much less than we were accustomed to, even in the Mothership, so we walked/floated through the unseen world. Eventually, we realized that we were in-between realities and would need to combine our Heart-Minds to focus on creating and/or finding a reality with some degree of form.

Eventually, we realized that we were in some form of membrane that flowed between different frequencies of reality. Then, in a flash, we both understood that we were IN the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are living membranes that resonate between each frequency of reality. Every Akashic Record stores the molecular pattern of every experience and sensation that is sandwiched between that Akashic Membrane and the Akashic Record that resonates one octave lower.

Neither one of us had consciously read the Akashic Records, but we realized that now we would have to do so in order to get our bearings.

Once again we joined our consciousness to amplify our abilities. Mytria has worked with the Great Mother and had connected with all her multidimensional emotions and sensations, and I had greatly expanded my multidimensional thinking and the power of intentional thought.

Together, we were much more than we were alone.

We faced each other, toe to toe, heart to heart and head to head and merged our consciousness into the Oneness. With loving comfort, I surrendered into the downloading of her abilities into me, as she surrendered into the download of my abilities into her. This membrane reality had no sense of time, so we could not predict how long we remained merged. However, due to our mutual downloads, we shared with each other every experience we had while we were apart.

Suddenly, our eyes flew open, and we looked into each other’s eyes, feeling as though that we had NEVER been apart.

It is difficult to put into words the shift that occurred within me. All that I can describe is that somehow I was completed. The ever-present sense of longing that I had suffered since I left Mytria and came to the Mothership was replaced with a quiet sense of security and unity. Mytria told me that she felt the same.

We stood looking into each other’s hearts until we realized that the fog was beginning to shift. We observed as the dim glimmer of lighted particles began to connect into mutable patterns of energy. In total unity of thought we simultaneously reached out and touched the pattern closest to us.

Instantly, we were transported into ancient Earth, many millennia before the fall of Atlantis, and saw our first Pleiadian Colony.

We had just arrived from Lyra, our Homeworld, looking for adventure.

Our society started out small, but quickly multiplied within just a few generations. We were happy and peaceful for thousands of years. However, the easy life that encouraged creativity within those whose hearts sought Power Within, created an urge to control for those who sought Power Over others.

We had never known the slow progression of time nor the freedom to explore our inner selves that we found on Earth.

Hence, we didn’t suspect that some of us harbored a need to dominate and control others. At first, the “others” that were dominated were non-humanoid. Thus, the animals, plant life and body of the planet were mistreated with no remorse. Eventually, the few expanded their dominance to restrain and injure their own kind.

Conflict arose between the two diverse manners of expression, which quickly expanded into fighting and, eventually, into outright war.

The violence escalated until the damage to planet Earth was so devastating that we had to leave the Paradise that we have turned into a war zone. The peace that we had sought in our new home was damaged by the few, as well as by the many who lived in denial until it was too late.

Our vision ended as we sorrowfully watched as the remnants of our wounded society re-entered their Space Craft to find yet another new home.

We returned to the fog/membrane knowing exactly why we had to suffer so long in the Galactic War of Service to SELF societies against Service to Others worlds.

We had always thought of ourselves as the victims, yet it was our own society that started the karmic cycle of “energy out is energy back.”

We then understood that we were IN the Akashic Records of planet Earth, and surmised that we must stay there until we were fully briefed on the TRUE history of Earth. Hence, we worked our way forward from our first landing on Earth. Yes, we came again to Earth to make similar mistakes.

Once again we abandoned Earth, leaving Gaia to repair Her world.

It is for this reason that we Pleiadians are now so dedicated to Gaia.

Eventually, we found ourselves in the Akashic Records of Earth circa 2013 AD, the reality timeline that we would be visiting. However, we realized that before our lessons were completed we had to investigate the myriad Parallel and Alternate Realities of that timeline.

We needed to be fully updated on all this information, as we would be educating the ascending humans about their true history.

Many that were the “dark ones” in one reality were the “saviors” in an Alternate Reality. In order to fully transmute a third/fourth dimensional reality into the fifth dimension and beyond, the myriad reality timelines would need to merge into ONE.

Hence, the polarized expressions and alternate choices of different realities needed to merge into ONE.

Once these third/fourth dimensional polarities and realities are merged, Gaia and Her inhabitants can more easily merge with the higher creations, choices and expressions of their Multidimensional Realities.

The ascending ones, humanoid and non-humanoid, that we will visit are the forerunners of this multidimensional merging.


Respectfully Grateful

Respectfully Grateful, Namaste. }{. 02:12 PM 01/15/2018. Loving My Humanity is a similar emotional memory Each of Us carries, holds within our morphagenetic cellular heart. Since the agreement to return and Be of Service, every effort is/has been expended to misdirect Us. Angels,Starseeds, Indigo’s, Rainbow Warriors, the Titles and love vibrations are so vast and glorious… that utilizing this Vibrational term to express fealty/love and all the positively poignant and poetic connective images/words by association for Most Excellent. ….Ewe get the point. This brain emission, brain fart popped in my Innate mind to just Release my thanks and gratitude , now Ewe’m starting to tear up with appreciation for the Love, sacrifices and to those who gave and to those who Gave All. The Battle Angel within, Salutes Ewer never wavering commitment and sacrifice for the Betterment of all sentient life Frequencies. In the Immortal words of Sam Whitwikky : { Transformers Trilogies } No Sacrifice, No Victory. Those whom are no longer seen on this realm, are always seen. The deeds of love performed and shared , will forever resonate in the space/time continuum for the water of time/love and space are forever rippling out/upward. Love’s Emotional Energy will forever remain in the very Atom of Life… As Above, So Below. Qui Do Sea Ewe, With love and Humble support , Eye Lower The Wing of Respect and Unfathomable Gratitude for the future of Our Species Innately resonate your love and Sacrifice for Service to/For Others. Namaste.}{

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LET FREEDOM ROLL: 70 Mile Long ‘People’s Convoy’ to Descend on Washington, DC SATURDAY – Thousands of Vehicles Gear Up for the Final Stretch (…

Cabal Surrenders…

Namaste 🙏. Terrans our homeworld is shifting, though incrementally since time is constructed to benefit third densities comprehension of the immensity of the universe corporeal depth of field and breath of incalculable reach.

{ Press Search domain soundofheart.orghttps://soundofheart.org › galacticfreepress › content › holographic-universe-explained. The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level.} This link is offer perspectives regarding facts as consensus most often presents agreed on information. In light of these scenarios being entrusted to off World Benevolence supporting our Star Trek future, this has proven that this information itself is of doubtful origin and benevolent intentions for humanities greater good. This exponential growth is, already pushing the wisdom barrier. Have phune with the awareness…. Namaste 🙏


This compression breakthrough is that Epoch many believe to be that “Rapture.” This ethereal biofield frequency enhancement is our genetic DNA activation reigniting via cellular memories of past lives finally in alignment. Since The Federation of Planets had removed all lower light leeches/frequencies thieves’s are gone. Deja’ vu and the misalignment called “Mandela Effect/Affect” no longer runs according to the soul harvesting technologies used by regressive ET’s and flesh consuming reptilians. The corrected timelines are in accordance with divine prime directive once more. Terra’s symbiotic relationship with her children can now become the truth in active life/behavior as the wisdom barrier can now be approached. Ascension tentatively has no window for one to wait on or for. This anomaly is currently actively working accepting the vibrational frequency signature of all who have and desire for DNA/inducement of active cellular abilities/memories. This useful information can be applied for benevolent purposes only just as sight of the particular species has the ability to visually identify spectrums of light frequencies/consciousness expansion is also interdependent on levels of enhancement of said qualities. This acceptance/acquiescence is only as Difficult as one’s plateau of knowing. Eye sense that many already have made the choice, now it’s just another construct of overstanding why that decision had been made. 😉🍿🦸‍♂️🛸👽🤳🦸‍♀️… Per aspera ad astra (or, less commonly, ad astra per aspera) is a popular Latin phrase meaning “through hardships to the stars” or “Our aspirations take us to the stars”. The phrase is one of the many Latin sayings that use the expression ad astra, meaning “to the stars”.

Runners and Chasers…

Arrests and Executions of famous people Updated

There are many more famous people who have been arrested and executed who did not make this list. The following list of famous people arrested and executed includes the more popular names. There have been thousands of arrests.
There are no dates of arrests or executions of famous people because that info has not been released yet. Most of these people were charged with crimes against humanity, treason, or both.
Arrests and executions of famous people 2020 updated
Dwayne Johnson (the rock) ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Quentin Tarantino ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Marina Abramovic ARRESTED & EXECUTED
François Legault PM of Quebec ARRESTED & ON HOUSE ARREST
Recep Tayyip Erdo?an Pres of Turkey ARRESTED & EXECUTED
John Huntsman former Ambassidor to China ARRESTED WAITING TRIBUNAL
Lynn Forester De Rothschild ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Farrell Williams ARRESTED & EXECUTED
John Davison “Jay” Rockefeller IV ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Richard branson ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Leo Eric Varadkar PM of Ireland ARRESTED & EXECUTED
David cameran Former UK PM ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Prif Weinidog Cymru Wales PM ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Jordana Brewster ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Calista Flockhart ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Barbra Streisand ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Billy Bob Thornton ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Christopher Bridges ARRESTED & EXECUTED
Leonard Goldberg Producer ARRESTED & EXECUTED
All Royalties have either been removed, arrested, or executed around the world
All Prime Ministers have been removed, arrested or executed around the world with the exception of Poland. 🍿🎥
Democrats are the problem, they are criminals. Some are arrested already. what you see are doubles. Court records list all who were arrested and executed. Facts not Lies.


Akashic Insights
Can you explain the significance of the physical things that we will be experiencing as we become ascended Beings?
You are already noticing them. Many of you have been going through ascension for some time now.
We have been talking about ascension the whole time that we have been doing this series of readings. The tiredness, the increased synchronicity in your life, the increased emotion that you feel, the increased frustration, the putting on of weight, all these are aspects of ascension.
What does Ascension feel like?
Although putting on weight looks like the opposite of ascension because you are getting heavier, remember we have also talked about the key to ascension being to completely descend into onto the planet.
So experiencing all of these things that we have been talking about are just indications that you are fully moving into being on the planet. One reason that you are sleeping more is that you are having difficulty staying grounded while you are awake. We can interchangeably use the idea of being grounded and descending, they are the same.Being grounded does not mean shutting down your awareness of higher information, it just means being strongly rooted in the earth while it is coming in, so you can be a conduit rather than having information get stuck coming or going. And as you spend more time consciously into your physical body than you were before, you require more sleep.Prior to moving into ascension you were not as present as you thought you were. As you have moved into ascension you have moved more fully into your body.
And so by doing that, when you leave your body it is more observable.
You feel tired and you sleep more, or when you have emotions and you are more physically moved into your body, you feel them more strongly than you do when you are ungrounded because that is part of the physical experience.
So it might seem initially contradictory but it is really not.
The more you move into your body the more you become consciously third dimensionally aware of your multidimensional experience.
So the contrast is more evident?
Yes, because before when you were less conscious moving in between was not as noticeable.
But the more conscious you become, the more noticeable it is when you are unconscious. You are beginning to understand how to consciously creation your reality. This is a significant transition for you as a humans and has never been done before.So far it has been very successful. You have not exploded, you have not gone crazy, you are all functioning and you are functioning increasingly well through this. Nobody expected it to go this way.
And you were not set up like rats in a lab or anything because you knew that if it went wrong you would return to source or ascend quicker so the worse case scenario was not so bad. And remember too that you orchestrated this in conjunction with us. You were the braver ones.
We are the ones that said,
“Let’s see how it goes for them, and we will try it next time.”
You said,
“I want to do it now, I don’t care if I blow up.”
How are we going to feel differently when we have completed the ascension process?
For starters, you are going to stop thinking about it and talking about it so much.
You will know that the ascension process is complete when you lose interest in it and you are no longer striving toward completion and you become interested in something else. This is a very relevant question because you are all focusing so hard on ascension as a future event that you cannot see that you are ascending right now.It is simply a change in perception, not a state to achieve.
Who you are does not change, your perception of who you are changes. This is heaven on earth. You are heaven on earth. Do not be confused by the fact that there are wars going on around earth
This is heaven on earth. Heaven is a perception of reality. You contain heaven.
You are the molecules that establish the presence of heaven in this time-space moment, and to take it a step further, you always have been.
Ascension is simply a more conscious awareness of the heaven that you are in any given moment.
Your intellectual interest in ascension fuels your consciousness in that direction, like a space ship or a rocket ship. The desire to mentally understand ascension is what propels you into the ascension process, but ascension itself is not an intellectual concept.Keep in mind too, that so much that much of your ascension process has occurred beyond your conscious awareness.
Theorizing about ascension has merely been an interesting way to keep your consciousness otherwise occupied while the rest of you went on with the process. Let your mental understanding of ascension go for a moment and listen as we say the word and just feel it.
Do not hear it, do not think about it, do not listen to it, just feel it. Ascension.See? that’s all there is to it.
Now we can go back to talking about it if you want to.
As we gain awareness of the other dimensions and alternative realities, will we be able to move from one to the other and back to third dimension?
Yes, and you already are, you are just going to begin noticing that you are and the awareness it is already there, it is peeking through.
Let’s give you some examples of how you have experienced this without recognizing that you have. One way that you know that this is happening is decisions have become easier for you. Have you noticed this? There was a point there when making decisions was just excruciating.
There were so many options out there and you felt like any time you made a decision you were leaving so much behind, or everything was riding on it.
Even small decisions, remember how overwhelming that was a few months ago? And now it is not like that, now you just make decisions and then you make other decisions and then you make other decisions.
That is an example of tuning into this multidimensional awareness, because you can see how you are not really choosing, you are just focusing.
And so that inherently includes everything else and that in itself makes making decisions easier.
I need clarification on that. Is that like the feeling that one has when they make a decision of just simply letting go in allowing whatever the decision that they make to come into fruition? That moment of, “Okay I am just going to choose. This feels right in the moment and trust…”
Yes, and you say that like it is no big deal to reach that feeling.
In the past that feeling was very difficult for you to achieve. You could not find the peace in making decisions. So that feeling you described, it makes such logical sense to your mind and it seems like something that you have been experiencing a lot lately and that that is very different than it was even a few months ago.
It is that moment when it is out of your hands when you find peace, because trying to decide and is still mental and as soon as you make the decision and you just let go and say,
“Okay, I wonder what is going to happen?”
That split second is the key because you let go of control and you move into trust.
That feeling of trust is very similar to the sensation that you experience just before you fall asleep, just as you surrender into sleep, and that is a useful way to get used to the ascension process that you are in. It is not concrete, it is a very nebulous and in continual movement.This is what being consciously aware of your ascension feels like.
All of the details that occupy your waking life, all of the decisions, all of the choices, all of the options are distracting you from your awareness of ascension. It is imperative that you get clear on this so that you are able to keep a foot in both worlds. We suggest that you become comfortable in that undecided place and that is going to be a good practice for consciously moving between the third and fifth dimensions.So behave as if the future that you have been working toward is here now, because in truth in is.
And that means in financial energy decisions, make decisions as if you have the money to do what is yours to do, because you do. And in relationships, engage as if the person you want to have a relationship with is behaving as if they have all the awareness that you have and it will either fall apart or come together more quickly.
Behave as if you are a Divine Master walking on earth, because indeed you are…